Thursday, May 15, 2008

unfold marie`

heck yeah i watched marie` free showcase dis nite at one utama. i just can said; malaysian r crazy bout her. and BOYS r really mad bout her. she was at MHI, Quickie and thousands peeps came for d show. but we r lucky coz when we'r in d GAP store just an hour b4 d show, a guy from mix fm told us marie` was in good evening bangkok for press conference n dinner. so we rushed there n wait at d outside.

she is damn pretty. she told us to come for d autograph ses at 9 to take pic. tho d bodyguards were so protective, marie` gav us her best pose, haha thanx! ;


d show was damn late. it supposed at 8. but okla since there'r some quizes but it was really damn late. marie` show off at bout 9. ramai gile babi. and we cant ever see anything. so we just left after 2 songs played n ran to d GAP for autograph. unbelievable, there r many earlier than us. we wait bout an hour b4 marie` enter d GAP. n people starting pushing each other n potong que. its very unprofessional how gap handle dis. peeps start shouting to d damn potong line monkeys n things bit uncontrollable. just after they saw thousands peeps 'perang' which each other baru letak syarat, only person with cd can come in. and no photography n only one sign per person. and go back to d fucking line. theyr definitely sux wif this. huh~ and at last;



me,erma n ryna cant stop talkin how pretty she is. yeah rite. we r happy coz we r just lettin go all d pressure happened in home n college. put all dat aside n just njoying d nite kan?


eRmAbuTAng said...

like omg
it seems like i hvnt been in ur bl0g f0r ages
been bz~
huhuhu really she is sso0o0 darn pretty
usually i g0t jealous wif so0 pretty gurls but she is so0 darn pretty which makes me go0o0 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww

lil`Shijuku @ nut said...

like a porcelain doll kan?
"it was... insane!" -digby