Sunday, August 31, 2008

Girl Guides Camp @ Ulu Bendul

4 days 3 nites<

what i like d most there?

day one

dapur terbakar.

fun !! ha ha ha

day two

solar cooking


day three

malam kepanduan.

kesengalan ahli kumpulan orkid yang menang!

day four

perasaan excited nak balik!

so, njoy d photos;

what next?
tons n tons ASSignments

Happy 51st National Day

Tema : Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan

Rekabentuk logo ini diilhamkan dari ikatan 3 figura yang saling berganding bahu menunjukkan perpaduan erat melambangkan ”Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan”.

3 ikatan figura manusia saling berganding bahu menunjukkan rakyat yang bekerjasama di antara satu sama lain dalam menjaga keamanan dan memajukan negara.

3 rupa bentuk manusia digayakan bergandingan bahu adalah mewakili kaum-kaum di Malaysia yang bersefahaman bagi menunjukkan mereka telah mencapai kejayaan dalam perpaduan.

Warna merah simbol keberanian rakyat. Putih simbol kesetiaan keseluruhan rakyat Malaysia. Warna biru melambangkan perpaduan yang dijalinkan oleh kaum-kaum di Malaysia. Manakala warna kuning pula melambangkan Sistem Beraja dan Yang di-Petuan Agong. Ianya juga membawa maksud warna kegemilangan/keemasan yang dikecapi oleh rakyat Malaysia.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


here some updates @ ipoh
done my sbe there
thank kak mun for d hospitality
thanx so much!

went to MAJESTIC HOTEL at last
yes erma, its damn classic n i like it damn HORROR

back Kl by train
we r so excited (me and imnie) coz its beeen ages for us dat we cudnt even remember how does it feel b in train
we r dissapointed
its not as fun as we thought
busy n noisy
but cool

till next post

Monday, August 18, 2008

MOCCA last nite !

it was GREAT

arina is great performer
she played flute damn nice n clear
beautiful voice
smooth n soothing
it was really "the best thing"
d others 'r great too ;))

swing it!

the last pic is ESTRELLA
they r local band play kind of indie-jazz-acoustic
great music great band
im bought their cd and i listen to em over n over again
nice. good to hv em as malaysian band.
big talent.

aha i bought mocca's rehearsal show cd + tshirt + sticker + badge just for RM40
damn worth.
anyone interested to hv some of their songs just hit me kay~!


OK 1stly
i'm not going to the Perhimpunan Siswa dis year
i tot it is dis friday, but its earlier; dis WEDNESDAY!!
damn bile mase nak bercuti?
i just got home!

so imnie called pn azizah to cut our names in list
thanx im!

so here i am.
back yong peng.
'l back to kl thursday.
mom missed adam so much.

n i'm goin to miss someone too.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

i'm THAT busy

August 2008

4 till 6 + BIG @ banting

8 + visiting PSPN WPKL

9 + practice for perhimpunan siswa

10 + ipoh !

11 till 15 + PBS @ ipoh

16 till 24 + school holidays! (which is mine too)

22 till 24 + perhimpunan siswa @ uitm s/a

26 till 28 + gurl guides camp @ ulu bendul

31 + national day!

no studies.
hell tons assignments.
more dirty clothes.


Thursday, August 07, 2008

tarik balik

back from BIG yesterday evening.
well this time, BIG wasnt really sampah like d previous big
i had fun.
really. ;))

more leisure, no tense, n more freedom
having bbq nite, havoc nite, n memukat ikan late nite
seriously i enjoyed d camp.

here some photos;

Monday, August 04, 2008

bi ai ji sampah

'l b away for 3 days startin tomorrow
for b i g camp - bina insan guru
i really hate this.
banting n pantai morib.
its really a shit place.
i'd been there for 3 times.
dem je.


Friday, August 01, 2008

shake it

selepas seorg demi seorg teraniaya dengan itunes
kini aku plak
okay, windows user mmg x cool for shuffle.

p/s: semakin keraplah terlepas tutorial besar. lol

go bowling

we had bowling last wednesday.

12 peeps, 11 players.

and i lost. 5th place. dem

syapik, mimie, amai n am in d front
thats really challenging.