Saturday, July 22, 2006


ay.. i feel dizzy.. kepala ni kalau bleh pecah.. dah lama dah..
gosh, i hv mock xm next week.. and 1st day is bm!!
tension! i hate it especially part tatabahasa.. damn susah.. i dun think it's so hard back skool.. T.T

nak balik umah.. x bg.. next week i'm goin to upsi.. damn jab pk y dun u choose weekdays? i'll miss the kenduri.. the other week i'm goin to cameron.. and it's jab seni, for 4 days! duh.. i'm broke again.. guess 'll back home in skool oliday in august.. giler lama lg... haih.. i missed homecook..
i'll write again.. sum other day.. jya neh

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


hi peeps, how ya doin? man.. giler dah lama x blogging. really busy wif ma art's KKBI.. glad it's done. and yeah ma bro's wed last june. hv no time to upload d pics n video. geez.. i'm speechless!

'm goin back YP dis friday, ma mum dat shud come here actualy but she seems very busy 2 care about me.. T_T i'm saving, dun wan 2 use d money for d bus ticket ac2ly. damn.. i hate being poor.. and tons of works, argh..!! dats all.. maybe i'm not in a good mood.

Happy Birthday to ma beloved frens, ani [1/7], kak ziha [4/7], ecah [5/7] :), rina and syima .. and anybody outhere celebrate ur b-day in dis month of new life.

not forgotten, congratz to ma frens outhere who 'll cont their study in Univ. Ganbate neh?