Sunday, October 28, 2007

a blast sunday

i watched p ramlee the musical with fafa this evening. and its very great cool perfomance. damn i would like to go again. sean ghazi is superb. his voice melt my heart. haha. same goes to liza hanim. siti nurhaliza maybe wasnt good in acting (yet) but cant complaint her voice and song. but melissa saila is my FAVOURITE. she is charming, vogue, beautiful, and wild. so did her perfomance. she's the best :))

pics taken from d offical website(sharper than mine):

look who's there. shafie from mukhsin!
and mikhael merian from the enemy of the people!

sean ghazi + melissa saila

i forgot the digital camera. and my phone was in LOW BATT!
pics taken from phone :

from my view


atilia, liza hanim, sean ghazi, siti nurhaliza & melissa saila

sean ghazi & siti nurhaliza

siti nurhaliza

me + melissa saila

fafa's phone :

from our view


sean ghazi

melissa saila

p/s: nver thot siti nurhaliza is that cute. haha. BRAVO PRTM !

Saturday, October 20, 2007

raya 2007

dunt worry. i got back my room. haha. berjaya pindahkan dan kemas bilik malam raya tu jugak. yeah. its mav now. :))

i forgot to upload raya pics from dad's digicam. i had none of pic raya from my camphone. seriously. btw, now back at kl. puchong actually. since i left my car here. lagipon no one at cheras rite now. maybe i'm going back there this eveing. erma and ryna coming too. i guess.

raya = bosan. seriously. aku pakai baku kurung sekali je. hari raya pertama, setiap tahun kat yong peng. tahlil kat kubur atok2 pagi raya.

day one

aku tau suma org ckp kubur kitorg canteek. ha3

pastu balik kg atok di ayer hitam, muar. raya cuma 3 buah rumah. hari raya kedua kat umah yong peng, jadi host marhaban. hari raya ketiga lepak popular bookstore kat bpmall.

bp mall

suits my shirt

raya empat dan seterusnya jadi host juga. ke lima, pergi beraya kat umah member2 di pt raja. tu pun pakai tshirt n jeans je. 4 buah rumah. balik maghrib. jumaat dah balik sini. sedih.aku sedih duit raya taun ni cuma cecah rm50. ha3

maybe part best masa ceb b'day my big bro, NAT.. yea, he's NAT too.. but NATASHA :D
Happy 26th bday :)).. after a month craving kfc baru dapat makan. celebrate kat umah je. thanx to yan, for d delivery service.. d sec recipes cakes. haha3. n i forgot the photos toooo!! sorrryyy readers ;p

adam syahmi

when he laughs

thats all for dis raya. serious busan kaaay. see ya next post.

Friday, October 12, 2007

kecewa. malam raya

aku baru je sampai kampung. dgn rasa yg sgt excited. tapi bila masuk bilik aku. aku kecewa. bilik aku dah jadi bilik solat. bilik aku dah kena pindah. x sangka aku diperlaku begini.. salah aku ke sebab x balik awal? *cries*

days b4 raya

now it's only me left at kl. dammit. in a hour, ebby 'l come fetch me here to go back yong peng. so, it's d same. i still going back at malam raya. cheh. i should go back yesterday actually. but due to my selfish brother, we r going back this evening. i rather back by bus if i knw this i'l happen. its rainy heavily outside. that's soo a good time to drive! yeah pray for me! i mean, us..

* * *

shopping. this is what i'm into this week. i found one baju kurung at maju junction after a day search at kl central, which no size for me. yaaa i knw jalan TAR way cheaper but i hate d crowd okay.. and erma is my partner in crime for jalan-jalan cari barang this raya. well she's going home late too. her flight at friday noon. but, who said plane is safe? hehe thanx ema!

nutting @ MPH

lepak at MPH kl sentral. waiting for buka

d next nite we went to jusco taman equint, d nearest from bandar bukit puchong. erma did found her shoes. but meeee? no size again. its d one from hush puppies which i love to had since last 2 months! so we went to timesquare the next morning since ema need to pick up her jeans at mng. n hell yeah! i found my size at hush puppies timesquare!! yattaaaaa~ and i'l make sure to get my clarks after raya pulak! yeaaa rompak bank! ahahahha~

nutting @ MNG

i was laughing at ema. poser!

this ramadhan. kinda meaningless to me. i havent got a chance to fast at home yong peng. i did very less terawih n ibadah. i had so busy life. i forgot everything..
may Allah forgive me. and blessed me this coming syawal.

back home

but i found this beautiful view this ramadhan

so people, friends, guppies, dearies.. Happy Eid Mubarak and sorry for d things i did which might hurt you guys. enjoy ur raya! :))

Monday, October 01, 2007

at last i made it

i'm craving for bubur sumsum for weeks. just realized its been 3 years i missed it. plus, since grandma gone. no one got so much free time to make it. so, i asked kak reeny (my SIL) to make it. i searched d recipes on net n found lots of them in bahasa indonesia. cool, i never know bubur sumsum comes from sumatera. and knw what, here it is d same as kuih lompat tikam. a LOL. i never heard about lompat tikam. coz i growing up with bubur sumsum :))

home made bubur sumsum

i cut it in cube coz we put it in a large container
delish~! thx SIL!

for d recipe, just type "bubur sumsum" at any search engine n u'l find lots!
ayay, 2 papers coming. pray for me guys!

little adam syahmi

adam syahmi dah 5 bulan! i loooove his eyes!

Happy B'day to Haslia! woaaa 21 !! r u voting ?? noooo waaay! haha