Saturday, May 31, 2008

guess whats new?

my frens might b surprised by this.
especially d guppies.

i might not driving anymore startin next sem.

yes. i chose to not.
i even asked for a bike from my parents.
mom seems disagree. dad is OK with dat.
well, he always b OK whatever i'm doin. lol


d college is damn nearer and d car feel like a burden to me.
its too far to walk but too close to drive.
and almost all d residents here got a bike than a car.
yeah car is costy.

and i'm not tied to anyone anymore.
i had enough in car pooling.
it was hard.

i might lose a lot by losing my car.
but i think i'l b ok with that.


startin next sem.
i'l ride a scooter.
yamaha ego.
yeah d same 'wenque' is using now.

and d car.
is right still.
at kampung.
i can get it back.
whenever i need it.

i felt sad.
but the other part say it 'l b ok.
much better.


eRmAbuTAng said...

tslking bout n0t anym0re
midnite ride
midnite m0vie!!!
like omg!! lets play under the sun sm2 ok?
ego? cam x besh jer
bli laa honda yg besaq tuh~~
kita kn kaya
bli yg mahal2 l0rwh hahahhaha
its t0tally a big shocker gurl
but n0t da shock of da century!!!
yet :P

lil`Shijuku @ nut said...

memangla kayaaaaa
sampai nak mati punya kaya
roti kayaaaa~ lol!

midnite movie rempit la pelg

wey ma
aku dah berubah.

ha ha ha