Thursday, January 27, 2011


i used to crazy about Marie` Digby and Zee Avi (kokokaina) back when they r just ordinary people in youtube. and i posted bout em too here. not saying "heyyy i know em b4 they got famous!" but they just my kind of music. so here's another my kind of music. they already famous in youtube and their place. very cool instruments they got to produce good music. i just loooove all their songs n covers. Nataly and Jack! Nataly's voice just awwww so mesmerizing and Jack got huge talent making music! shud listen to jack's chanel too! recommended! love em!

and yeah i like d masculine face of nataly and her short hair just adorable!

Friday, January 21, 2011


i dont understand
why people make friend
and introduce to others
then fight and lose friend?

and i always in the middle.
ya maybe i dont know them well.
but i dont like the ideas.
chill honey. this is small world.

be nice to everyone.
how hard it is. how bitter it is.
they are still a friend in the end.
and maybe they are the friend we need the most.

i'd been there. long time ago.
losing a friend, and i regret till now.
i just can be nice to her and be friend till now.
hmm. ok thats so childhood story.
but i learnt. did you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my Astro Boy

i watched Astro Boy the movie with my 3yo neph, Adam last sunday. at home. for the thousand times. its his favourite. and just after the movie finished, he asked me something i didnt expect.

"Girl, siapa buat Adam?" (who made me?)
"Siapa yang pasang pasang badan Adam?" (who build my body parts?)

i was shocked. and laughed at the same time.
awwwwwww you are sooo adorable!!
(no i didnt explain the sex thingy part)