Tuesday, May 13, 2008



yea. i was forced to go. imnie persuaded me to go no matter how much i dun care bout this hujan band. im, fafa n kil go crazy bout noh, d vocalist. i think he is just a weirdo. too much attention. cant talk bad much, i'l get in trouble later wif em. lol. n yea, i went to d gig coz im paid for me. lol.

overall, not bad. d crowd sang much than noh of course. well i like AG much. goreng gitar. nice. n butterfingers, no doubt. people love ya. even they played instruments much than singing. i enjoy borong badges and street tees more.

aha, poor for d orchestra. cant hear anything. d guitar n crowd is too loud. and d sound system sux. the mic ruined some perfomances and d speaker pecah abes. not that i'm not njoying d show but i just realize, y i'm in deaf profession and d use of sign language there. LOL

i got tons picts (lebih2 noh). but flickr sux today. so less pics than always:

emmett; butterfingers

d stage; MCPA hall

and damn i hv paper this evening. wish me luck. END

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