Thursday, October 30, 2008


aku tak tahu



aku sangat malas.

malas pergi kelas

malas bangun pagi

malas segala2 nya.

damn. please sumone.
wake me up.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hujan showcase

yes.i did went to hujan showcase at planet hollywood last weekend. yes. i'm not their no 1 fans but ya i did enjoyed their music. im gave me d whole album to listen, she definetely d no 1 n freaking damn hujan fans. or NOH hujan exactly.

actually i refused to go at 1st. so, no ticket for me. but then kil badly need to back home so i got d ticket from her. long story short, the showcase was unexpectedly very GOOD. omg i enjoyed the show! seriously ther'r really something. well. front seat babe~

coco, d opening band

see. noh main 3 guitars yg se-mart!

go jaja~ d new bassist


yes. i admit it, im
noh is kinda CUTE

but of course i adore AG more!
give me ur GODIN!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


L A P A R n y a . .

Friday, October 24, 2008

lately. . .

1. there's someone outside my house and keep knocking d main door. "knock, knock, knock" without salam or helo. always happened at noon and night. i once asked, "SIAPA?" but no answer. when i opened d door. NO ONE outside. (no worries, double layered door). dada my roomate is d one who always there when d knock happened. there's a time she threw pillow to me (coz i'm listening to pod all d time) and saying d knock was there again. LOL. now she left for holidays. and i'm alone. damn. okay.. keep listening to d pod!

2. i skipped class too much! ha ha ha

3. we love jamming! amai, our guitar sifoo n d others addicted to play STAY by estrella everytime. so x paham.... done jammed, then haziq (drums) asked me; "lagu ape sebenarnye yg kita main tadi?" - HA HA HA.. lame.

ouch i loveee dis pic so much! feel like hugging her!

credit goes to topex for dis pic.

4. i'm having bad bad stomach ! what in came out in a minutes. right. im experienced d same right now. we r so alike in many things. sibuk je.

5. everyday is OLD TOWN day.
me to him : i want breakfast at OT
friend 1 : jom oldtown
friend 2 : jom oldtown
friend 3 : jom oldtown

just because i like their coffee dont ask me everytime u guys wanna eat there. okay? note dat im !

njoying her bihun tomyam. i used to like dat but not anymore. euw.

there's still no 5;

5. i'm broke. sigh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

currently. .

learning and keep playing this : ! !

~ n u T in excited mode ~
yes , guys i'l keep learning guitars too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

u k e !

i badly want to play uke !
own uke !
i did tried using guitar where i put d capo in d 5th fret,
yaa i can play VAMPIRE by antsy pants!

but badly, i want to own ONE !
gotta find one soon.

ya ya i did survey on net.
got one here n there.
find one at guitar store last time.
costs around 160 i guess?

oh my.
back to reality, NUT !
final exam coming !

p/s: seriously, kokokaina inspired me loads!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

circulation gone

i'm done with the amali.
i just doing so-so in ktbm.
tho kinda great in ktbi.
whatever it is done.

* * *

i'm surrounded with gloomy n moody air around me.
best friends wif things n such.
yeah it's hard guys.
b strong.
and jalan terus.

i dont knw somewhere i shud put my self as lucky.
where i have my family. and him by my side.
things going well n flow nicely day by day
but then.
i'm afraid in the same time.
what i'l face next?

ya Allah. peliharalah hidupku. Amin.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

ktbm - ktbi - ktWTF?

amali bahasa isyarat
Kod Tangan Bahasa Melayu
Kod Tangan Bahasa Inggeris
13 - 16 Oktober

good luck, mates ~

Saturday, October 11, 2008

t h e

hearts live by being wounded
- oscar wilde

Friday, October 10, 2008


been tagged by ermabutang.

State 15 weird things/ habits/ little known facts about yourself.

1-  sharing bukan slalu caring. aku x suka share cawan. sekian

2- aku x suka org lambat2 dan buat aku menunggu cam driver 

3- i hate durian. nak makan pegi jauh2 dr aku. 

4- amat cerewet dan memilih makanan. x makan makanan rapu seperti kuih raya dan kerepek2. jadi jangan kecik hati ye. 

5- susah untuk menghabiskan seceduk nasi berbanding dua pinggan spagheti. he he

6- suka suka suka sangat kopi. lebih2 lg menikmati di old town white coffee. bersama dia.

7- w/pun gemar kopi.  aku x pandai minum kat starbucks. aku minum kopi murah sahaja.

8- suka  membaca  novel tanpa henti. xde sambung2. baca bagi abes 1-2hari.

9- prefer english stories, films, music n bla bla bla. tapi  x pandai2 gak english.

10- suka suka suka vintage thingy. kan erma kan? ;)

11- berharap memiliki sebiji DSLR camera

12- suka suka  suka mengumpul pendants & rings

13- memilih hanya menonton filem aksi di  cinema sahaja. rasa membuang masa menonton filem hantu dan komedi melayu.

14- no ear piercing. nop nop nop.

15- x kan memilih bidang perguruan jika tidak terpaksa.

pe0ple i will t0rture wif taggin

- fafa

- tixx

- bila j

- wanna

- didiw

- neo

-  you, readers

Thursday, October 09, 2008

a d a m

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

how white are you?

i'm doing this at last.

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