Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i moved out

its not that we'r hving some misunderstanding thingy around or been kicked by d house owner, but i moved out of my house in *mas condo and living separately from my guppies startin next month.

at first, 'the host' is d point. we all agreed to move. and at first place i asked to live separately from 'em coz they r goin to UM for their twinning program next year that means i need to move again since i'm NOT. they found a new house too and already paid for the deposit, and me goin to live wif my classmate wheres uncoincidencely one of their housemate just moved out living with her famly. huh, long story.

but then, d owner of d house. our *mas housie. reduce the rent!! its a big reduce. and 'the host' in the house is currently not avaiable anymore. so, after considering too many things goin on. they decided to stay still. in d same house. and i was like; heck so its just me out! i'm goin to lose my bedroom and pool but they r not, thats unfair! but to think i'm goin to stay alone after class n diff schedule n holiday. i back off. thats it.

well it doesnt mean we r not the guppies anymore rite?
we r still can hang out together. bowling. shopping. futsal. late nite movie.
just as if! mind ur moves, gups. u r still in that house. lol

i maybe lost my bed. my pc table. my fav couch. d beautiful kitchen.
d swimming pool. my streamyx! and d others!
but not u gups.
still my fav friends.

* * * * *

so. startin june, i 'l stay in pangsapuri cheras. its a small house. just a minute from my college. damn near. and i live with my coursemate. what funny is, my roomate is DAYAH. she was my roomate while we'r in foundation year in hostel. LOL. thats y i'm not thinking twice when i got d offer to live wif em. d other two; LIA n KAK ZU. LIA is my classmate. while KAK ZU is DAYAH's classmate. i went for maktab interview wif kak zu in 2005. lol. make it short, i knew them very well. so no worries. ;))

and last saturday, i planned to buy a sofa bed for me, and look.. what that i bought! i'm so gonna sleep till death!

<3 it

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