Friday, August 28, 2009

Chocolates : )

Almond Crunchy (super delish!)

White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling + Chocs Blueberry filling

White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling (my fav! coffee lover shud try this!)

White Chocs Hazelnut Coffee filling + White Chocs Strawberry filling

White Chocs Strawberry filling

bites me !

15pcs in a clear round plastic box. RM22.
u can request 2 chocs with diff flava in a box.

i knew it is quite expensive compared to kuih raya which u can get 50pcs for less than RM20. but this is not kuih raya. this is CHOCOLATES. not even a typical cooking chocolate. nop nop nop. u'l knw the different once u taste it.
need a tester? just hit me anytime : )
asalkan x makan di siang hari. hehe

Monday, August 24, 2009


de||icious aku lebih laju jika pakai broadband berbanding pakai lappy wawa.

itu saja. aku x suka cerita tiada makna.

sekian terima kasih.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Paradise on earth I

we're in R E D A N G sioot !

more piccas in FB (restricted) !

like seriously, after loads of burdens, accidents, and heart broken happened.
we finally managed to be there. tho only for 2d 1n (like i wanna b there forever please?) d trip was wonderful, beautiful, and we did njooooooy the beach !!

f* the stories. d piccas told everything already. see ya

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

he he he he pi

cik yati comes again.
just done my obsv in 2A2 classroom.
the kids were easy. just pulled some baits (chocs/sweets) they 'l sit still.

overall it was better than the previous.
i'm waiting her feedback right after d skool done today.

she talks alot.
so she'l. again today.

gotta b ready for PE tomorrow morning.
and more for her comeback next tuesday.

teacher is busy. sick. loads of works.

i prefer making chocolate.

note that, kak reeny !
i want that position 5 years from now!

but. i like the kids.
and they'r related. between CHOCOLATES and the KIDS.

: )
hepi tuesday people.