Wednesday, February 01, 2006

sometimes i get so weird...

my life is broken, broken by the cursed of myself.. shitto, when u cant thinking sanely, u'll acting over ur personality and it'll harm urself.. believe me.. i hope it wont happen 'again'....

forget it, i hv smthing more interesting to share..

Lawatan ke SM Pend Khas Setapak [Cacat Penglihatan].. luckly dat day sek tu buat Sports Day, agak2 korang camne students blind n low vision bersukan? Tu yg kitorg excited sgt.. group aku, Ecah n me.. ditugaskan buat report utk lawatan kali nih, so kitorg pun dgn semangatnya cari maklumat n interviewed some of the students n teachers.. x sabar plak rase nak bentangkan report tuh next week.. wish me luck!

we, the reporters

the bestest part was when we were at the 'taman', we met rahmat, one of the students there.. he's blind but he's damn great, very friendly, talkative and he sang us a song.. very touching.. *sob* .. yeah, we really enjoyed the visit and learnt a lot~

rahmat at the center [yellow shirt] sit on the bench, lucky them all.. i'm the one who took the photo..

well peoples, i think i'm awaying again dis friday.. i'm going back to KL and 'll blogging again for da next moth.. perhaps..

Happy Birthday to my bestfriends Salwa[04/02], Yanz[05/02] and Fuzz[10/02]. Very unexpected, peoples who closed to me were borned in Feb, damn nice~ not forgotten, my dad [25/2] may Allah keep u healthier and wealthier.. hehe