Friday, May 02, 2008

a change in my blog add

i just changed my blogspot address. its:

b4 was littleshijuku

so anyone who got my blog's link in theirs, can change it to d new address, else people cant access into my blog which i dont mind about that. see ya next post.

* * *

ow ya. i'm at my parents.
i slept well last nite.
no more full of fear nite which i'v been through for this 2-3 weeks.
well at least til this weekend.
take care, guppies.
lets pray for our luvly housie :((


eRmAbuTAng said...

bahgianyer k0 tid0 dat night
kt0rg mcm nk lari jer seyh
serious gampang~~~~
aku x nangeh p0nt :8D heheh bangga
tp serious dh tataw nk ckp apa dh
ur uncle bila dia nk dtg~~~~

lil`Shijuku @ nut said...

serious erma!
kesian korg! x sangka gettin worst!
jom selfish, pndah umah!