Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its just the beginning of holidays and i'm bored

Tagged by SyapiQ.

5 brand that you like the most

+ Apple
+ Crocs
+ Levis
+ Nike
+ HushPuppies

5 brand that you dislike the most
+ Nokia
+ Forest
+ people wif LV and brag bout it. hello urs is pirate one

5 countries that you want to go the most
+ Japan
+ U K
+ Germany
+ Italy
+ Ausie

5 countries that you do not want to go the most
+ Israel
+ Thailand
+ Myanmar
+ Turkey

5 item that you like the most
+ gadgets
+ shoes
+ baby Ts
+ pendants
+ food : )

5 item that you dislike the most
+ cigars
+ alcohol drinks
+ worms

5 people that you love the most
+ the prophet
+ family
+ my bb pete
+ my guppies
+ my soulfriend

5 people that you hate the most
+ you stalker, you spread rumours bout me n friends because you are obviously jealous. how was it?
+ people who curse loud front of me. tho u r my friend, its unappropiate
+ its okay to talk bout others, but lots of talk show ur weakness.

5 color that you like the most?
+ red
+ black
+ white

5 color that you dislike the most?
+ yellow look weird on me

5 things that you dream the most
+ get a paywell job
+ travels round the globe
+ make my family happy
+ living with my love one

5 things that you not dream at all
+ being in high position. thats quite a tough job

5 of your positive character
+ confident
+ relax. i mean too relax, unplanned (is it +ve?)
+ friendly. hey.. i'm friendly !
+ adventurous
+ i'm not a -u must pay back what i've done to u- person

5 of your negative character
+ lazy definitely
+ cudnt put all my attention wif studies in class
+ evrything. i want it fast.
+ big spender
+ i'm too kind. betul ! smpai susahkan diri sendiri. sigh.

5 moments that you miss the most
+ beaaaaach wif family
+ cycling to school
+ loud house wif guppies
+ SHOPPING for attires !
+ jalan2 dgn bb. sigh

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all?
+ i was there. studying there. i hate everything bout that place

5 positive characters of your best buddy
+ cheerful
+ partner in crime in EVERYTHING
+ understanding
+ good listener n talker
+ every jokes never failed make her laugh. patbor sgt ok.

5 negative characters of your best buddy
+ sakit perot memanjang
+ too sensitive bout family matters
+ gataaal sangat
+ big spender juga

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)
+ spending time wif my family
+ being in family's home. aman gile
+ spend time wif my bb yg manja
+ when i can shop til drop
+ new gadgets!! wuuuuuuu~

5 things that you regret the most
+ buat dosa

Single question

Favorite animal?
+ cats n rabbits

Favorite quote?
+ to gain something is to sacrifice something

Favorite actor?
+ depp ?

Favorite actress?
+ zoey deschanel. she's damn pretty n kewl

Favorite things that you do when you are alone?
+ fb. blog. ym. muvi

Favorite website?
+ usha barang kat

Favorite moment?
+ being appreciated by someone

Favorite sport?
+ bowling

Favorite vegetable?
+ kailan masak ikan masin

Favorite movie?
+ bridge to terabithia

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>> wana
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Champions League : Barcelona 2 - Man Utd 0

Barca is smarter n faster.
Man Utd played below my expectations.

Well its worth watching (not really watching act)
coz this time i watched with wanna, kish and ecah.
The main thing is hang together and eat @ McD
L O L.

Or wanna said; I just want to see MU lose.
haha demmit.
n u rite.
this time !

Well both r the winner for me.
the loser is ;
the team fans whose fight each other.

anyway, thanx to kish, wanna and ecah.
kalau keluar lg tolong MAKAN betul2.
kerana aku rasa . .
amat lapar skarang.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Estrella - Heaven

talkin bout heaven,
i'd finished my papers yesterday.
: )

so, happy holidays to my friends there
enjoy ur free time n see ya guys next sem

eh, did i tell ya i'm gonna do my 2nd practikum at chendering?
yes. kuala terengganu.
the prac start June 28, so i might having some fun time finding a house there this holiday. well yeah. thats kinda annoying.
but i try to make it fun. indeed.

stories n piccas in facebook.
ah ya. make sure i like u.
i dont make friends with peeping tom.
: )

later guys.

happy hols guppies. next party @ new house!

Friday, May 22, 2009

teg is a cool name

Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At last, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them.

and i was tagged by Wanna.

16 benda atau perkara tentang saya
(kejap malay kejap english watever~)

1. i hate sharing mug.
2. i wanted Apple stuffs but i'm not that rich.
3. i gig not clubbing. thats diff, idiot. and whats wrong wif it anyway?
4. i dont stalk people's blog and spread rumours. (terasa x?)
5. i love gadgets.
6. i dont eat all types ikan keli or ikan sungai except ikan pekasam.
7. i drink less water. i only drink water after meal.
8. i'm not good in numbers. i even cant remember pete's phone number.
9. i love pendants.
10. i'm serious but i love jokes.
11. i dont cry in front other people. thats so uncool.
12. i'm a listener and a talker.
13. first impression is important to me.
14. i read lots books and usually its bout people and humanity. boring rite?
15. i cant play oke instruments but i love oke and just found out that pete love oke too.
16. pete is my bf and i love him.

I tagged
-> peoples in my blog list. yes. please do it. a must. yes. you you you !

Thursday, May 21, 2009


rasa sangat teruk
pura pura tak tahu punca
tahu salah sendiri

mmg begini cara aku insaf
diam dan rasa teruk
rasa bodoh

jangan tanya kenapa

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

minggu sesak

sesak masa.
sesak meja.
sesak kepala.

sesak kocek.


sesak nafas.


26.5 - P.E & B.M

to my coursemate. all d best.
we dont need any luck.
just do it.

Friday, May 08, 2009


balik puchong lagi.
mama n ayah r here again.
but leaving tomorrow morning.

what i love the most being here is ;

i just cant stand the heat lately.
been sleeping with sweat and fan in max vol.
i thought something wrong with my body heat.
or my house. or my bedroom.
no. i know u peeps in KL feel the same.

owh ya.
i can spend my time in pool with adam too!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Sunday, May 03, 2009

May 1st II

the reason for not goin to d gig is for sure ; i love my nephew more.


Adam's 2nd Birthday. Happy Bday sweetheart.

mummy and ayah's son is 2

cupcakes by me (deheart cupcakes)

the guppies were there! thanx for coming gups!

pool party at nite wif cuzzies

i bought this tiger pjs for him ! cute la adam ! geram.

and how come u have such smile? u r still a baby!

and someone njoying d gig i guess =))

= Nadia's