Monday, March 13, 2006

just dont give a damn

ay, cuti seminggu dunno what to do.. my mum iz overprotectiv, she wont allowed me out even theres fren wif me.. really dun understand her! plus harga petrol naik.. duh, i spent a lot yesterday cuma round beepee and airhitam, duit tu burned cam petrol gaks..

unlucky me and fuzz, nak g tgk mas kawen.. dah lambat sgt, nak men bowling.. ramai dak sekolah jek, xde mood dah.. plan nak makan cheezywedges but kfc pnuh... lastly makan mcflurry ngan doublecheese kat mcd jek.. then nak antar fuzz balik, tiket abesh!! no choice, tpaksa ke airhitam 4 da bus~ luckly 4 da 1st time dat day, bus ke larkin baru je sampai.. phew~~ 0550pm at airhitam, i pecut da car to yonpeng in only 10mins.. huhuhu satu kepuasan~!!

'm goin to jaybee dis thursday, meet fuzz again ^^..
planned to ipoh, but yeah my mum.. u know.. maybe next holiday.. yeah maybe.. bak kate kilod n fuzz, "nak g jaybee pun x lepas.." ..... duh~~! so kesimpulannya xde pepe yg menarik cuti ni i guess, selain asgmen.. pcaye jelah aku buat~! ;p
hurm.. tu jelah, till nex time.. BLAH~!

me n kilod in a train

B-day! B-day! B-day!!
Hepi belated to Salwa [02/03], cute Joyce [04/03], n Hepi Superb B-day to my mum [14/03], i still luv u evendoh u just owayz like dat.. yeah, hepi B gak to sesape yg menyambut b-day bulan March nih.. jya~!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

the day i nearly die

well nothing happen till i nearly die, it just a stupid title dat killin me softly .. argh~ complicated!! i'm sure those who close 2 me knew wat 'd happen.. da weird thing..
/close topic/
nothing special since my last post, days come and leave like always, bit suffering when da allowance bit late n da sports day tiring meeeee!

hurm.. bile tah.. i forgot, kitorg buat lawatan ke PLPP, Bangi. Sorry no pics coz i didnt bring along my digi cam.. plus it wasnt my group dat incharge for da interview and report.. so i didnt give all my atntion to them.. i'm not ready 4 lawatan dat day thought.. unlucky me~

aih.. gotta go, my sis called me. need to fetch her now.. cont later.. bubye!