Friday, June 02, 2006

home again

start cuti 26 May-jumaat lepas.. housemate suma da blk kg. Only me n shery left.. we out on Saturday. Yup shery blk jb but me blk puchong my bro's house. Plan balik isnin but lastly blk mlm rabu coz keje die yg melambak.. *sigh*

Ma house mcm tongkang pecah, agak messy n full of thingy.. it's ma bro wedding.. next 2 weeks on 17 June. So byk giler keje kene buat. And i'm da only girl in da fam so imagine dat... ops nearly forget my lil sis, but she's bz wif SPM-study, tuition, classes etc.. so she's exempted from doing any job.. world is unfair!

Yeah, i'm downloading NANA-Live Action Movie. Walaupun ramai yg dah tgk dulu T_T. But i stopped folowwing BLEACH and Canvas 2. Byk giler kalau nak kejar blk. Haih.. ma mum ask me to send ma sis 4 tuition.. always burden me.. cont later, gtg, chow~