Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 10

greetings readers : )

wow, been month?
what to update? lul.

many many exciting things happened. bad sad great nice. doesnt matter july just complete me. naaah i can say that now. coz i just done my 2 intership projects with success. the past week? miserable. heh.

i've got my assistants for LX3. a converter and lenses. and filters and watever they call some photography stuffs i bought in bulk. and it all thanx to yang so far far away. as our anniversary present i guess? hehe. yeap. been 2 years and i love love him more. distance just make our relationship stronger. and we face it with a good flow. (and tears sometimes. lul)

i just cant wait another month for the next meet.
deeply in love with him. everyday.

eh. i forgot what to say actually. and this post end up with the story of him. haha. love u sayang! home fast! :')