Monday, March 30, 2009

argh !

f word la.
banyak keja.
bab 111.

its not bout school. but bout works.
(dah mmg tanggungjawab dem)
i damn like the school.
i want to hv praktikum here every sem please??

cepatlah habis kontrak!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


aku punya kabel xhardisk ??!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

shut up

having kind of painful headache rite now.
so please shut up u guys out there.
ni yang aku benci pasal duduk flat.


so. u want to knw bout my first week praktikum?
i've been in school before for my PBS(s).
2 deaf school. 2 normal school.
and of coz i love the deaf school more.

so here.
i'm thankful they sent me here.
its one of the best deaf school in msia.
very friendly and helpful teachers.
and. omy. bright students.
and i found many of em here can speak quite well. (not many like 'that many')
so i'm sure it'l b helpful for the speech assignment.

i havent teaching yet. starting next monday.
yes. my first PnP 'l b in this monday and Ms Wang is coming too this monday.
lol. i hope the kids just gonna b okay.
its about me than gonna b okay.

but. its still a tiring weak. i learnt kod tangan much from the kids. busy painting the banner for maulidurasul. the long way journey to school. it took bout 40 minutes to reach shah alam. plus me and kak mun is not a MORNING person. lol. and sometimes we stuck in traffic jammed in the evening. lol. what a painful way home.
(except the fact that we love shah alam for the malls and restaurants)

pictures? i have loads.
since i'm in lazy mood. maybe next time. havent transfer em yet.
i have 3 weeks ahead, so dont bother bout it.

rite now. i'm thinking how and where to rocking my weekend and forget all the lesson plans and school. L O L.
wait. more to S I G H i guess.

H A I H.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

random raptors

i knw.
i need to update.
but nothing great to share.
a boring holidays.
and a month praktikum forward.
d silentness just begin.

random pics last holidays :


no. more to past days.

* adam syahmi
** destiny gundam FG 1/144
*** koleksi terkini
**** kesayangan saya + batman justice

Saturday, March 14, 2009

hari ini. atau esok


a week.


no network.

hepi hols.

good bye.

take care.


mish u !

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

chocs ! ! !

i'm glad i stayed at puchong, my abang long n famly house last weekend.

since home is sunyi and i was left alone. lol.

i'm happy to see little adam again. suke sgt adam! and kak reeny was busy making chocolate for the customer. yes kandadinda wedding cards is still run n now they r into kandadinda chocolate for door gift/wedding n apa2 pun bleh!

well. i helped a bit ^__^ 

he climbed the chair himself and wearing that so brilliant la adam!

more pictures at
for order, go to
* * *

yes. i cut my hair ! short one.

Friday, March 06, 2009

kebal tebal cabal

i hate him for making me busy with thing thingy!


dun u ever try to start it

Monday, March 02, 2009

good day

lega bila dah submit esaimen edu.
lega dapat makan nasi lemak mem.
lega dah tertunai benjamin button.

thanx to imnie dan kak mun for made my day.