Saturday, May 13, 2006

ice and fire

hallo guys,i'm home again.. yesterday at 2pm. know what? my bus terlajak again.. and again and again.. coz i hv no choice i took the same ticket at the same counter and the same warning to the akak, and she said "yes, dis time it'll reach lucky garden".. and it was a lied again.. so that the abang at the bus,"yes it is".. but wat da fuck the driver said,"no i hvnt been told to stop there".. wat da heck dis peoples were doin? tryin to sabotage me? damn... and i walk alone, and alone again and WALK again at the HIGHWAY!! *big sigh.......*

the camp to janda baik 'd been canceled due to wesak day. so dat i cabut home.. ah ye, i sat 4 muet speaking last thursday.. wow luckly the quest quite easy. tu pun rase cam OMG, bila nak abesh ni.. dah lama sgt cakap.. and yeah, i hv been told by some lects dat we hv an exam next 2 weeks [22-24].. ay, so sudden.. i'm not ready yet.

we went to lawatan again at SKPK Deaf kat Selangor. Wow, it was da nicest skool of spec edu i ever been. nice.. i admit dat now i luv spec edu.. hehehe, some of u might know wut i'm thinking.. gyaaaaa... *blushed* too bad, i cant upload the pics right now.. ;p

yeah, we got da new house! very nice n comfortable.. i'll show u our new house in coming post, u'll luv it!

It is May, and i'd wish sum of them.. ah ye, Happy B-day to my nice juniors n twin, ms fareza and fareda a.k.a FARE-FARE.. hehe cant enjoy so much eh? be ready 4 ur SPM, gud luck.. neh?! ok guys, c ya next time~