Saturday, January 26, 2008

Theatre : Makyung Endeng Tejeli

Yeah i din believed it myself i went to see makyung live at istana budaya! well at least i had something to POST here! ok, promo dulu !

Sinopsis Makyung Endeng Tejeli
Endeng Tejeli telah dipasung di Gua Tegayung kerana rupa parasnya yang tampan. Ketampanannya amat luar biasa sekali sehinggakan dia digilai oleh sekalian anak dara dan juga isteri orang. Di Negeri Kota Lama pula, tiga adik beradik terdiri daripada Raja Sulung, Raja Tengah dan Raja Bongsu masing-masing ingin menjadi Raja.

Pertarungan berakhir dengan kemenangan Raja Sulung, dan dia ditabalkan menjadi Raja Besar memerintah Negeri Kota Lama. Raja Tengah dan Raja Bongsu berasa aib dan malu, lalu membawa diri ke dalam hutan. Raja Bongsu termakan sebiji telur dan dia bertukar menjadi Nenek Sepet Petala Naga, manakala Raja Tengah pula bertukar menjadi Raja Gergasi.
Raja Sulung dalam tidurnya telah bermimpikan seorang puteri yang cantik jelita, bernama Puteri Gak Petra. Dia ingin memperisterikan puteri tersebut. Wak Nujum pun dipanggil ke istana. Mengikut Wak Nujum hanya Endeng Tejeli yang boleh mengambil Puteri Gak Petra dari jagaan Nenek Sepit Petala Naga.

Berjayakah Endeng Tejeli mendapatkan Puteri Gak Petra? Apakah pula yang terjadi kepada Negeri Kota Lama dan Raja Sulung? Pementasan Endeng Tejeli akan menjawab segalanya.

Arahan : Fatimah Abdullah

What do i think?
i was shocked !!! when the performers starting to dance. i noticed there were kak ipah and kak ayi in the arena! main characters! they're d choreographers who taught us last tarian for PSM 2008 (previous post). i thanx mun alot for brought me there. lol. overall it was a good musical theatre which i thought, all-dance perfomance coz i dunt really get it what makyung 'll look like b4. i even dont know it's from kelantan! okaaay.. even x paham 40% of d accent. tapi masih sampai lagi dia punya joke. nice giler. heh~ oh ya! abang nizam pun ade gak! jadi gergasi lagi! mmg superb, not just bcoz i knw them.. d others too. malam esok ada lagi sape yg berminat bleh la g tgk. more info HERE


our 2 fav char paying Raja Tengah & Raja Bongsu


Endeng Tejeli & Puteri Gak Petra


the others


bro nizam as Gergasi. lol


wif k ayi as Puteri Tengah

really njoyed d nite. thanx guys for the hospitality.
ah. going to bangi tomorrow. ica (my cousin) kawen ahad nih.gonna meet my mom n dad there too. little syahmi pon.. ay.. missed 'em much! (moneeeey!! haha)
p/s: checkout yesterday(friday)harian metro & utusan m'sia newspaper. ada pics kat psm beb. muka kecik giler. ha ha ha ha

Sunday, January 20, 2008

late post !!

okaaaaaaay. akhirnye dapat gak curi picts dari diorang. susah betul. hari2 dtg kelas duk seblah pun asyik lupa nak bawak! (since x bawak digicam sendiri). okay start citer!

perhimpunan siswa merdeka 50 tahun berlangsung kat UTM skudai jb last 13 jan. sepatutnye benda ni dah jalan last year. tapi ntah ape citer ditangguh hingga awal bln lepas. latihan dan preparation dijalankan seminggu sebelumnye. tu yang merempat lama kat utm without net! sengal~! so kitorang selaku peserta arena buat 5 jenis tarian; zapin, joget malaysia, cgt, jalur gemilang, & budi bahasa budaya kita. walaupuun penat n ntahpape.. enjooooooy! (sbb smgu x pyh msuk kelas) heh~



masa latihan. xde keje je makan + ss


pagi b4 zapin

Picture 102

alia & me. no way aku nak pakai scarf tuh

Picture 097

d boys


bajet di kayangan


akhirnya. lepak dah abes

tu jelaaa.. leceh nak upload semua..
dah. kene study anatomy plak
setan punye subject!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tuesday nite

back !!!
penat giler. smalam sampai je terus basuh baju and tidoooooooo..
kelas tadi macam x blaja pape. geng2 g jb suma pon sama layan tido dalam kelas
malam nih kene tibai catch up homeworks n notesss!! seeeeeyhaaal~ *down*

nite before i went to jb.


it was my b'day !! 21?? who cares!


d konon surprise cake.
again they'r really magicians!


u knw how much i appreciate u guys
thanx. but no more choir pleasee!!

yeah. i was sleeping on my bday nite. i read anatomy's notes and i gave up to do the homework n sleep. then they walked in my room singing wif d cakes n wif d candles on. and i was... mamai! wtf y d room so dark? i instead asked them to go out coz i want to sleep. lol. thousand apologies to those who call > my phone. i put it in silent mode everytime i sleep. sorry !!

but THANX people for d wishes
i was away for some events. thanx so much :))

next post :

okay, wtheck was dis gurl doing?? find out later
i'm busyyyyyy !!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

a w a y

going to JB tomorrow till next monday
joining the phimpunan siswa2 ipta/ipts/ipgm [never heard rite?]
so 'l b no post for a week

ceh. kadang malas x post jugak . . .

Sunday, January 06, 2008

theater : Aladdin

Presenter : KLPac
Director : Paul Loosley
Writer : Paul Loosley
Musical Director: Mervyn Peters
Choreographer : Pat Chan
Executive Producer: Dato' Faridah Merican
Featuring : Indi Nadarajah, Douglas Lim, Joanna Bessey, Chacko Vadaketh, Doreen Tang, Joanne Kam Poh Poh, Monti, Nell Ng & Sham Sunder Binwani

It has all the ingredients for a great show – wacky characters, lots of cross-dressing, loads of good jokes, tons of corny jokes, (with a few topical jokes for the Mums and Dads too), buckets of visual gags, heaps of dancing and bags of songs, some suspicious underwear, badly behaved washing baskets, unconvincing ghosts, crazy golf and enough silliness to see you through the next 12 months.

Yup, expect all this and more at pantomime Aladdin, where as usual, audience participation is a must!
There will even be an exciting fancy dress contest for the kids; with great prizes of course.

Featuring a star-studded cast of some of the funniest, loveliest, biggest, magical and wicked folks around - with Indi Nadarajah as Widow Twanky, Douglas Lim as Wishee Washee, Joanna Bessey as Aladdin, Chacko Vadaketh as Abanaza, Doreen Tang as Princess Paris, Joanne Kam as The Empress of China, Monti as The Emperor of China, Nell Ng as Won Ton, Shamsunder Binwani as The Genie of the Ring and Badrol Shah Manan as The Genie of the Lamp.

These folks will be joined by a chorus of boys and girls to sing and dance as townsfolk, prisoners and skeletons.

And there’s even the possibility of some guest stars sneaking in from time to time.

And to top everything off there’ll be a totally live, totally rockin’ 4 piece band playing to the theme of The Fab Four and the swinging sixties! Expect heaps of groovy songs, plenty of naughty mini skirts, steaming hot pants, suitably hippy kaftans, top of the pops Mary Quant dresses and far-out haircuts.

Written and directed by Paul Loosley, with musical direction by Mervyn Peters.

Yeah baby!

Venue : Pentas 1, KLPac Duration : 17 December 2007 - 6 January 2008
Category : Musical Price : RM100, RM80, RM60 and RM40 (students, sr. citizens & the disabled). TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

* * * * * * *

it was hillarious !! they are crazy, nuts and out of mind. lol. i watched their last show today at 3pm with the guppies. douglas lim (wishee), indi nadarajah (widow twanky), chacko vadaketh (evil abanaza) and nell ng (won ton) are my favs!! well done guys! its sad i hate joanna bessey as aladdin. d character aladdin just too weak and annoying. but overall they r great. nice play for new year opening. they make jokes about mawi, paris hilton (tinkerbell too!) even some local minister. lol. lucky they hadnt been banned till their last play. heh

pictures !!
click to enlarge ;))


pentas 1


abanazar,he's damn horror !! >,<

Copy of P9260006

funny genie


the 'jantan' widow lol


wishee yang gila glamer & dancer


joanna bessey; d only girl aladdin


boys and girls


nut going nuts
lost on way home

yeah. i took sultan ismail road > jalan tar > masjid jamek > jalan pudu > cheras- on d way home!! jammed giler. padan muka

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year 2008

back on friday. went to puchong on saturday. alamanda on sunday. bbq last nite at puchong. then back here again in cheras. it took me 3 days to completed all d cards gven. tho very little. bout 3k pieces that usually just take a day.

well ...i'm back! but no shopping, no bowling, nothing special happen yet. just ninie and adorable adam syahmi made my day. happy neu year guys~ x(

adam syahmi 8 months

adam syahmi 8 months
cute hair n smile!

ninie & konty

ninie & konty