Sunday, January 24, 2010

hello l3x : )


i'm happy i got what i want.
Lumix LX3 is mine now : )
i named him L3x. sound like lex.
lessie. uuuw. lul

ah, the BB isnt mine.
not mine till i can work it out.

this is some of my fav shot from my l3x, dont b judgmental i hv no basic on photography. and so much things i havent explore yet from my l3x, i knw my l3x can do much more than this, the problem just me. he he

Monday, January 11, 2010

die ry

jan 7
# i decided to not celebrating my bday. he's not here. : (

jan 8
# i grounded my self to not going out. but i'm starving and to not bein rude, i accepted mun & im invitation to have dinner. plus, b always remind me to have a good food. *nods*

guppies is so kewl they came and sing bday song with bday cake to me at Q BISTRO! i was really ashamed. of course. guppies never understand the word shame. i looooove em all. thanx to imnie. i knw she looves me. :*

jan 9
# well today should be the great day, but maybe not this year. i'm goin out with friends of friend, and i found that one of em is really rude. yes. he is rude to me and his friend. i just cant believe that i'd spent the day with em. i totally regret that i wasted my good day with his existence.

jan 10
# omg the guppies reborn !!! ok. i jussst looooooveee the guppies. we watched AJL together at kak hanim's house, have a nice chat and nice food. nice gossipsss. thanx for the great day!

so.. afterall, i thank my girls, my guppies, to let me in in their joy life for these weekend. thank you girls ! mwah !

Thursday, January 07, 2010

final year

sibuk. busy.
semua orang pun busy.

file yang kelam kabut.
thesis yang mahu segera.
praktikum yang makan masa.

semua orang pun buat.
tapi tak perlulah bising.
semua orang pun penat.
penat lagi nak mendengar keluhan kamu dan kamu hari hari.

chill ok?
semua orang pun buat.


minta maaf b. saya belum sempat menulis untuk b lagi.
if i can wait u here, u must wait me there juga ok?
mishu. really.