Friday, December 26, 2008

two weeks left

bm : Sondre Lerche Dallas - Modern Nature

yes. laugh at me erma.. n d gups..

just to keep my blog updated. i'l post some pics happening around this Dec.
mostly spent time wif lil Adam.
damn he's fast learner. petah. love guitar and water d most.
n we njoyed playing n bullying him. lol

Good bye 2008.
hey i love 2008..

wonderful things happened like; having him !
and started learning guitars wif the reds
n much more

and some that made us speechless.. like losing my bestfren's mom.
and being separated from the guppies.

more to come next.
just need to sacrifice something to gain something eyh?

love u guys. thank you for everything.

Monday, December 22, 2008

home sweet yet sour

bm : Sheila On 7 - Yang Terlewatkan

its not h*ll like i told u eyh ryna?
he he.

hello readers. been waiting me? ya. i know. no way.

nothing much to say just wish time move faster and end this unmeaning holidays. two weeks left. come on. come on. come on.


Merry Xmas n Happy New Year

. . loser . .