Friday, December 30, 2005

sayonara 2005, irrashaimase 2006

phew, pejam celik je dah hujung tahun.. and now i'm in KL, kena balik hostel 2hb but my assgmens? T__T sedih gila, pathetic! ay, but still doing nothing.. just play with the kittens.. biasa ar, jakun sket kat kampung xde kucin, kat umah bandar ni ade plak.. ekekek, so cute pablo & konty~! actually i hate cats.. but now i love kittens ;p

owh my, sorry FUZZ pasal rabu lepas, mmg kelas patut abis kul 0400, kalau lewat pun 0430 la but maybe it's my last class so the sensei sambung terus and u know, aku call ko pon curik2 je tau, stuck there till 0630, dah ler tgn aku hitam dgn charcoal tuh, balik x basuh tgn terus drive, abesh stereng keter tuh.. and i cant meet u raya aji nih so wait till raya cina la, ok? dun wurry, ur stuff is safe with me ^.^

smalam b4 bertolak ke sini, singgah tabung haji dgn ebby [my bro] kuar duit wat beli electronic dictionary tuh, duit elaun x cukup coz dah wat spek baru.. akak at the counter tanya, "nak buat pe kuar duit banyak2 ni dik? datang dgn sapa?", aku rase die ingt aku nak lari dr umah la, then i replied. "nak lari dari umah, dtg ngan pakwe," hahaha.. no lah joke je tuh.. just ckp nak beli brg dtg ngan abg, tu pun die masih ragu2 jek.. and paling lawak mase dah siap withdraw aku cek buku die add 500 bukan minus 500!! oleh kerana aku ni goodGIRL,so i back to the counter lah..~ ;p

k, thats all 4 today.. i bet xkan sempat blog januari nih so wish b-day januari skarang je lah ek..
Happy B-day to Merol [4/1], My cousins Iki n Ili [9,10/1], who else? i'll add later, coz rasanya ramai yg sambut bulan nih.. yay~ sharing b-day with me it's marvelous~ okidoki, till nex time, jya nehh

Sunday, December 18, 2005

back again

geez, heh away for a few days.. back from padang on wednesday evening, about 12.30 afternoon at klia, and reach home at 5-6 pm i guess. doing nothing at home, uploaded all the pics but too lazy to blogging, and the mood come just now.. lets the story begin~

sunday 11 dec - took a flight at 9.30 am reach there [padang] about 50mins later, went to bukit tinggi by bus, stopped at ?? waterfall, phew very long journey.. pusing2, went to kedai/kilang/workshop sulam, too many ppl, blergh hate it! just bought a hat, cowboy hat i guess ;p ..then checked in to hotel,nikita palace, what a low class hotel they gave us, very cold cause i'm at bukit tinggi and the window of my room got holes!

monday 12 dec - after breakfast, went pusing2 lagi, singgah at kedai sulam hjh rosma, famous taylor there i guess, this place r famous with songket and kain sulam actually, then continue to istana pagaruyung, same like minangkabau at n9 here.. then went to another kedai sulam [again?], next went to japanese tunnel then shopping at.. urm wat that place eh? but there's a clock tower.. yeah menara jam gadang, it's just a traditional market or maybe its just same like petaling street coz lot of branded stuff also sold there with cheaper price, like adidas or watever,for sure the cetak rompak one.. hehe, back to bukit tinggi, dinner n sleep

tuesday 13 dec - checked out from nikita palace, back to padang, on the way to padang stopped by at melinjau lake [tasik kawah gunung berapi], also went to HAMKA's house near the lake, then continued the journey to padang, stopped again at kampung keling to watch how ppl make 'keropok melinjau/belinjo' nah, watever.. lunch in padang, solat then went to kedai sulam [againn??] hehe but i'm not joining, took some pics with a poor horse outside the shop, i post the pic here ^^.. then shopping again but now at padang, nothing special, lot of beggar..evening, checked in pangeran hotel, man dis is da real hotel! hehe.. dinner n sleep~

traditional transport

wednesday 14 dec - breakfast,checked out and terus to airport, flight at 10.30 am, boring.. they send us too early to the airport, luckly the foods there are super duper cheaper than here, so finished all the rupiah money there.. black forest cake for 5k = rm2, how cheap! i bought 5 pieces to take home, taste good too..

owh my, now i'm at home.. friends asking for a souvenirs but wat can i giv? sorry its just some t-shirts, keychains and dodol..? lol, so what dat them expecting from me? for sure they dunt want the kain batik! and i'm not going there anymore!

Friday, December 09, 2005


hi peoples, how ya doing? i'm doing good this week.. i guess ;p
i went for an art exhibition and competition last sunday dec 4,
organised by Art Studio, where i learnt art every sat n wed..
the expo held at chinese school and yeah majority there were chinese and the expo also carried out in mandarin.. so i just enjoying took some pics and wondering beside looked after my lil sis dat joined the competition, i'm not joining coz just under 18 allowed, my sis won consolation prize, but we left earlier coz we dun understand the language, what the pengacara at the stage talking bout.. it was so boring.. a bit dissapoined y it should be in mandarin since there's indian n malay there.. for the 1st time been ignored~

i stole dat balloons from da clown ;p

i'll be flying to padang this weekend, about 4-5 days there, wish me safe peeps..
so i wont online, just sms me if u missed me ;)
owh man.. my assignments still not done yet.. and it's english, hate it coz my english is very poor T_T

Saturday, December 03, 2005

bored + asgmen = zZzzz

hi minna..
i'm doin nothing at home, just attend my art class twice a week.. 1 month left 4 holiday but i still not done my asgmen yet.. the essay is boring and the art homework is triple boring.. i'd stop downloaded anime coz everything turned boring to me, i want to start the next sem earlier but i havent done my asgmen.. T_T
poor me, very pathetic and yet insane..
blah, maybe i'm gonna fly to indonesia dis december.. and i think the trip 'll be boring too.. unless there're SO7 band waitin 4 me there.. xp

another "door" version

Happy Bestday to my cousin + rival = Ieyna [10/12] u r turning 19 rite? hehe just 1 month older than me la.. xp

k jya minna, i'm goin to shut down my pc coz i left it ON for a week n i think it gonna explode in a few seconds... oops..