Thursday, August 24, 2006

IMVU Messenger

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this is pretty cool messenger. using a 3d chat, u can customize ur own create avi. i'm addicted to this. it's quite slow to dload d installer, d file is about 17.5 mb, pretty hard for dial up user. this messenger allowed u chat with 3d scenery with lots emotions and movements, even u can slap, kick or kiss ppl while chatting. pretty cool eh? just buy new clothes, hair or accessories or pet with ur free credits. to earn credits, just invite some friends till they hv their 1st conversation or buy via paypal or ur mastercard. u'll love it~! [ pic above shown my avi, cheezynutz ]

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

cactus for mama

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hell-o peeps :D
huhu i'm back~ quite happy after a week in cameron tension all day wif works and d transport problem. blah. actualy dah sampai umah last ahad, but too much main, i 4got to blogging.. :)) he he


1st day kat cameron nothing best, checkin kat sri juliana chalet, not bad, it's a dorm but really nice bed :) plus atas bukit, we got a nice view tp agak jauh to pekan brinchang sebab kene turun bukit meredahi lautan sayur.. haha.. unpacked our things n got taklimat for SLR camera. man, i never use dat manual super classic camera and i dunno it was really fun using it. bet me.

2nd day, whole day kat MARDI, tanah rata. doing 3 tasks; 2 close up pics, 2 landskap pics and 2 real view sketches. duh, ramai yg x dpt complete all d tasks so cont on 3rday. ha, boleh tahan kat mardi, plg byk amik pics bcoz of d rare plants they hv. like daisies, strawberry and .. tomatoes? lol. at night, we hv malam aspresiasi dan kritikan seni; yeah ni la malam paling pedas bila all d sketches u done kena kritik and possible to been torn by d lecturer.. siot cuak gler malam tuh.. mine? selamat! heh!

3rd day, ma group salah 1 group yg x siap wat lanskap so we climb d hill till reach d strawbery park resort, it's just a coincidence, ya we dunno there's a beautiful elite resort at d top. so it's our rezeki to catch a nice photo up there :D -- ptg plak, another task, using digital camera plak; 1 pic of activity, 1 crowd and 1 townscape. duh, wat i'm doin was shopping all d way at d pasar, man it was really fun since it was our last day to shop; vegetables, roses, cactus, souvenirs, strawberries and know what? when i checked ma purse it's only rm7 left. OMG! panic! ha ha nasib balik bwk keta.. phew~

last day, we packed our things, checked out at 10 am. me and kak mun were d only persons wif lot of things, doing 2 trips to brinchang bawak 2run our sayoo and bunga and blabla.. tunggu bas x dtg2, then bas dtg kul 11 lebey kuang. damn stupid driver, he's a drunken driver, ppl surround me all muntah2, me nasib baik bleh tahan. we got down at tapah, wait 4 another bus took us home (balik maktab).. sampai kul 0530 lebey kuang, nasib kereta tgal 4 hari x ape2, bit dirty, nak antar carwash but xde dwet.. T.T

back at nite, i went to pudu with shery, bought tickets home for tomorrow. i left car in kl, no worried since fafa's there. d bus supposed at 11 but it moved at 12. reached home at 3, and i forgot to bring along ma tons of homework.. sigh..

aha, hepi besday to these peeps, nabila j, kak zue, feezah, zarip, idah, oli, and syera.. man, ramai gila ceb bday bulan ni.. just wish u all hepi sweet bday, hv no gift, u guys r lucky since u r in ma reminder list.. lol.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

going mad

yes, xm finished, assgments done, holiday coming.. nothing to worry anymore, just ma wau's project havent finish yet, but it's in OK condition i guess.. wow, ma busy day turning lazy..

hehe, thanx dad, he gave me a car 4 ma transport to college. i hold another big responsibility.. duh, n now i'm broke! car mantainence, house rent, life needs, camp 2 cameron.. i spent more than 500 for that in a month! like i am a successfull businesswoman? sigh.. i'm just a poor little student T_T..

ya, i'm goin 2 cameron highland next week, from 16-19 august for kembara visual fotografi.. it's under pend seni visual department. then i'm goin home, yong peng for a week b4 i cont ma studies next 2 weeks. i'll have tiring holiday i guess..

um dats all 4 now.. ma credits low. geez, c ya next time. bye.