Friday, December 03, 2010

jangan kacau

aku memang marah sangat.
bengang gila.
fucked up sgt.

boleh tak CUBA. CUBA jangan sentuh barang orang?
boleh tak korang ajar anak-anak korang jangan sentuh barang orang?

korang dah la x tau value.
tak kenal barang.
benda ni bukan murah.
lagi lagi bila orang yg aku sayang beri.


jangan sentuh GUNDAM aku.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

what u want to hear?

u guys read this already ?? -------------------------------------->

ha ha.
yes laugh people. i'm leaving maktab in A MONTH !
5.6 years baby!
okay what a boring post.
but i feel so free!! :D :D :D

first thing first
i'm gonna missed my girls.
especially shahrul erma yang kalau boleh hari hari nak susahkan aku. teman dinner la ape la. but it nice to hv u around. (lie)
and the other guppies yang susah sangat nak jumpa!
please please please dont forget me.
tahun depan i belanja u ols TGIF (fafa sponsor 50% ok)
and do come to johor ANYTIME ! my mom missed u girls.

2nd. KERJA.
sebenarnya langsung x semangat nak kerja.
tapi i nak gaji.
so camna?
ok pk nanti la.

there is no third. u guys knw me i guess.
i dont think bout future or past. i only live in present. what happen just happened. and to gain is to sacrifice. i dont think much bout being apart with my best friends, its 2010 we have phone, internet, facebook, car, plane watever it is, just prepare ur money. easy life. dont think much. (so tak guna hang tulis post ni Nadia! bengong)

and Pete?
he always be mine. distance kinda annoying.
at first i dun really mind.
but when people around me start complaining :
"oh i missed my bf (which she just met hers day b4 yesterday)"
THATS HURT ME MUCH! seriously.
yes u erma n imnie. someday i gonna slap u hard.
but its unfair for him if i complaining the same.
we r cool. eh pete?

okay, what else u wanna hear?
CALL ME! lol.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

July 10

greetings readers : )

wow, been month?
what to update? lul.

many many exciting things happened. bad sad great nice. doesnt matter july just complete me. naaah i can say that now. coz i just done my 2 intership projects with success. the past week? miserable. heh.

i've got my assistants for LX3. a converter and lenses. and filters and watever they call some photography stuffs i bought in bulk. and it all thanx to yang so far far away. as our anniversary present i guess? hehe. yeap. been 2 years and i love love him more. distance just make our relationship stronger. and we face it with a good flow. (and tears sometimes. lul)

i just cant wait another month for the next meet.
deeply in love with him. everyday.

eh. i forgot what to say actually. and this post end up with the story of him. haha. love u sayang! home fast! :')

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Astray Red Frame

gundam and marker sponsored by YH. hihi thanx sayang.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

what i've done . . ?

3 times in 3 months.
5 years driving.
nobody can do worst than me.

this is the best practicum ever.
but god challenge me with something else.

they said because i'm stronger than anyone else.
i do. i accept it. with redha.
but please. no more.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

congrats sayang

aha this one pun sayang juga. haha rindu!

Monday, March 15, 2010


i've another month practicum in melaka. its not that i'm not hving fun there but i just started feeling tired of school. and assignments. god, please move time faster. i want to finish my study fast, and graduate fast, and pass 5 years contract fast, and enjoying my study (master) in COOKING. lols. i mean something else than teaching. i guess.

so here i am. in KL. with my sweetheart : )

Thursday, February 04, 2010

M E L A K A !

heloo evryone !!

yes i'm in joy mood ! :D
i'm in melaka right now doin my praktikum for 3 months. staying with my bestie. the school is great so far. i'd been there before for sbe. nice teachers, bright students (i hope). lols

and of course i enjoyyyyyyyy traveling more than working! so far im been a good tourist guide. we went shopping, sight seeing and FOOOOOOD hunting!
so anyone in melaka do say hi to meee :))

enjoy the photos!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

hello l3x : )


i'm happy i got what i want.
Lumix LX3 is mine now : )
i named him L3x. sound like lex.
lessie. uuuw. lul

ah, the BB isnt mine.
not mine till i can work it out.

this is some of my fav shot from my l3x, dont b judgmental i hv no basic on photography. and so much things i havent explore yet from my l3x, i knw my l3x can do much more than this, the problem just me. he he

Monday, January 11, 2010

die ry

jan 7
# i decided to not celebrating my bday. he's not here. : (

jan 8
# i grounded my self to not going out. but i'm starving and to not bein rude, i accepted mun & im invitation to have dinner. plus, b always remind me to have a good food. *nods*

guppies is so kewl they came and sing bday song with bday cake to me at Q BISTRO! i was really ashamed. of course. guppies never understand the word shame. i looooove em all. thanx to imnie. i knw she looves me. :*

jan 9
# well today should be the great day, but maybe not this year. i'm goin out with friends of friend, and i found that one of em is really rude. yes. he is rude to me and his friend. i just cant believe that i'd spent the day with em. i totally regret that i wasted my good day with his existence.

jan 10
# omg the guppies reborn !!! ok. i jussst looooooveee the guppies. we watched AJL together at kak hanim's house, have a nice chat and nice food. nice gossipsss. thanx for the great day!

so.. afterall, i thank my girls, my guppies, to let me in in their joy life for these weekend. thank you girls ! mwah !

Thursday, January 07, 2010

final year

sibuk. busy.
semua orang pun busy.

file yang kelam kabut.
thesis yang mahu segera.
praktikum yang makan masa.

semua orang pun buat.
tapi tak perlulah bising.
semua orang pun penat.
penat lagi nak mendengar keluhan kamu dan kamu hari hari.

chill ok?
semua orang pun buat.


minta maaf b. saya belum sempat menulis untuk b lagi.
if i can wait u here, u must wait me there juga ok?
mishu. really.