Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kuala Lumpur Gymnaestrada 2008

KL Gymnaestrada 2008
28-29 March

We won 1st place ! ! :))

phone run off battery. update coming soon.


at first place, i was wondering why datin asked us to join this gymnast thingy, y not d students from PE department. n yea they r joining too and we r goin to beat each other in adult category. weird. we took gymnast back in foundation only for d 1st semester. and datin was very xcited to bring us together in this thingy since then. r we that good? lol!

well datin combined us with d cikgu2 from kspk course. its hard practice wif em in a team. well we r this young n they r.. bit.. er.. that 'emas'. hehe. but well done guys. :))

we r d only team represent malaysian looks. lol. its weird but hey its malaysia rite. so enough wif your nice gymnast wear and white man moves, just try to njoy our perfomance kay. lol~ well d thai gymnast pun pakai their siamest costumes too. so, lets rock.

okay piccas:

a joy trophy

students from C category [2ndry skool]

same here

wif d japanese gymnasts

russian kids gymnasts
they won almost all d gold medals!

haha guess what she doin wif dat board??

i knw its a boring job, mei mei ;D

girls from sk lee rubber
they won 1st place B category. nice moves girls ;))

lestari group ;))

well act, there were only 5 groups in our category which no one in this damn country care to send their team to beat us every year. three from them r from ipik. yes we beat d PE guys. lol.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

which one

a yummy MacBook, a new gorgeous HP Pavilion notebook, or a travel to China?

sigh. i need one option only.

. . . . .

ok back to work.

Monday, March 10, 2008

d holidays n d general election

the 2008 election was really something. where d oppo start conquering d msian hearts. interesting. lets see what would happen next. someone says, "we should thanx to d bloggers" . lol. very interesting.

and little adam syahmi was here. not for voting, he just missed his kind-hearted aunt. rite? lol watever. he's 10 months old now ;))
k showing off my fav nep; [oh well, my only neph~]

adam smile
;D mode

adam paper
:| mode

adam garang
monster mode

adam karipap
kepoh mode

adam grinned
NOTTY mode!

adam p
:3 mode! cute~

adam mad
D; mode

adam sad
:(( mode kene marah

adam em
adam syahmi wif his granny

he left this morning. d house is in silent again. d rain just couldnt stop from this evening. i'm wearing socks and longpants and home still. finished a family daughter by maile meloy in a day. wow, a record~

kewl for d guppies u peeps really njoying ur day rite? saloon together, karaoke-ing, lunch, dinner? what next? duh, i tried to not get jealous easily coz soon.. yeah very soon, i'm going to lost d life living wif u gals together kan? crap. njoy ur day~

did i say something emo?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

i <3 speED skool much much more

normal skool wif normal kids are LOUD. crazy. busy and boring. seriously i missed deaf skool much. i just dont knw what to do wif these peeps. theyre not as interesting as d deaf students n d environment. or maybe something wrong wif me? but imnie thot d same. lol.

this is faten. girl from kelas pemulihan. i was asked to train her melukis bangunan skolah for pertandingan melukis pemulihan khas at skpk bp. and faten was like.. wanna cry.. tu la im garang sangat. dia x mau abeskan ko pakse gak . ;p [put d blame on her]

faten mase training. sian suma org da balik. hehe

then esoknye g antar faten kat skpk bp [its a deaf skool]. best giler kitorg g sane. baru dapat rase kat tempat yg sepatutnye. selamba je menerjah masuk sane sni. interview sana sini. lol. faten x menang tapi oraitlah tu not bad just ade yg lebey nice..

faten at skpk bp

dak skolah mane tah nih, amat selamba perilakunya. ;D

tu citer utk dua hari skolah. lagi 2 hari x wat ape sgt. masuk kelas, p padang tgk dak wat pj. amik gambar je lebeyh. makan pun lebeyh [free plak tuh] heh. so itu je report pbs kali ni. ringkas tapi padat. [wtf??]

we absolutely <3 special skool more. lol

*speED = special education

Sunday, March 02, 2008

a pocket file

kampung. truly kampung. sunyi sepi giler. bunyi burung je hari2. rumah kosong. tepi kiri kanan kebun. orang belakang dah pindah. orang depan dah pindah. orang tepi pun rumah dah cium tanah. cant believe dat i live here for this 21 years. and how sunyi sepi for my parents this 3 years. since me n sis gone.

i'm doing sbe startin tomorrow at mom's skool. wif imnie. nyehehe. i hope u like d monkeys around d kampung. lolz. hope skola tu ok. b4 dis asyik pergi sekolah khas je.. satu kelas bout 7-12 pupils je. lets see how's tomorrow. wif 40 normal kids in a class. thank god i only need to focus in pysical education. i'l b freakin dead if they asked me to teach. no no no. yes to sign language. heh~

so gud luck to me!
ah ya guppies, hope u gals doing well there.
njoy ur taxi driving k. he he