Wednesday, January 31, 2007

nuts is on

selamat petang. ehem. esok hari wilayah, so classes r off for tomorrow. planning to go to puchong, coz of d cpu prob. wish i hav more time to bowl at IOI puchong. but, esok.. thaipusam gak. hope jalan x bz. geeeeez~ walaupun dah lama, masih ade kegusaran bile passing by d 'black area' where i 'slipped' last year. duh +__+

kelas dah mula, assignment pun dah start jalan, presentation, latihan umah sukan.. walaupun dtg once je.. ehehe. i promised to come next sukantara, which starting dis friday.. duh.. kuat lagi ke nak pecut? dgn track yg macam nak membunuh. really want to try lembing but looks like almost kpli's also interested on dat. so.. dunno waht to try or not. as long i hv company wif me i'll giv a try. what bout lontar peluru? hey hey! i got 2 out 3 points last year from dat part tau! even d bigger person contribute nothing! LOL. for sure, i dun wan to be d marching gurl or pom pom gurl! dats really not suit me! thoght we(including me) won d marching last year. c d legs la! also got 1 points from lompat tinggi n lompat jauh. nah, dun think i can do better dis year.. i'm more to sleepzzzzZZZzz

ah ye, ntah macam mane, we got d airconditioning class kat bilik swasta. d others must be jelesssssss! LOL. but i think its temporary. knw what? dis time i really dislike d subjects:

1. TITAS (Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia)
2. PDM (Pendidikan di Malaysia e.g. - Falsafah dll)
3. PSI (Psikologi Perkembangan)
5. PK (Pendidikan Khas 1. Komunikasi 2. Masalah Pendengaran)

i do like titas n english but pdm n psi always bring my mind out of d class. n pk is getting tougher as usual.. duh.. d class is separated to 2. one is for LD (Learning Disabilities) n d other one is my class for Hearing Impairement. I choose it myself coz i thought its easier to deal wif deaf kids than the LD. Lets see how true it is when i graduated n start teaching. huh~


agaim im n me, we dunno wat to do in a class without lecturer. LOL. dis gonna be the same thing happen to my students i guess ;D

For Februarians,
Happy Birthday to YAN and FUZZ [05 & 10] my best gals. we r frens no matter wut kan?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

ay.. KL~

i'm back, home, cheras. orientation week 's sux. what d hell kena orentasi lg? n i missed almost all d breakfast, lunch & dinner dat cost RM60 = RM15 per day. yelah, i stay outside! its not fair, we arent newcomers! y shud we joined d newcomers kpli? duh.. i hate d pengurusan peeps. so, even kene warning x g taklimat, we, d 4 notty gurls [lately i always stick with mun, im n alia] skipped every taklimat at d main hall... went bowling! ahaks~ *wink*

i think i cant bowl nicely with them. very not satisfied playing with im. i want to play at least 4 games, but she only can hold 2 games. duh, wat a waste.. after bowling we bought nite at d museum tickets, then ate at chicken rice shop, d most affordable one at times square. ha ha. showtime at 0220pm, we really really enjoyed d movie! omg, i love owen wilson! :))


with im, mun 's testing her new sony ericsson walkman camera phone

overall, i enjoyed my time wif them, thanx gurls. :)) and thanx for d bday present too. they gave me a cute bedsheet. hey hey, u really knw me eh! i love bedsheets n comforters!

and tadi, we went to putrajaya, for Majlis Pelancaran 2007, perutusan Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia, Dato' Hishammudin. im is right, since we r joining dis education course, we'd met Hishammudin uncountablely. it doesnt mean dat its boring. well, i respect him much of course. but its my 1st time to PICC (Putrajaya International Conventional Centre). impressed wif d hall designs. i'm proud to be there. lol. its sounds so lame. ;p


hey im, focus at me!


again, its us - alia, mun, im, me

wow, we really enjoyed d lunch there. worth to go :))
ah ye, dad called me last day, flood still on, and d house, like my sis said, she can see fishes at d porch and inside d house its just like amazon! haha, i wonder how it looks like. enjoy your holiday girl, clean up d house!! ha ha

ah ye, thanx to alin too.. for d "what to call thing?" he he..
sure i'll use it later. when d orientation week off. duh..

well, then, c another post, jya neh ~

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

goin back

its sad u know.
like pathetic. watching my 2 lil cousin goin out wif their family celebrating birthdays. iki d elder brother sharing the same day wif me, 09 Jan. d lil bro, ili is today, 10 Jan. its not sad because no one celebrating mine, its just remind the past me, its just like them. dejavu. mom n dad bought cakes n ceb together wif ma bros n sis. but today, no.. since i entered 2ndary sxhool, we stopped ceb bday. i dunno, maybe because its not our tradition anymore n coz we'r growing up i guess. we wont asked for it. to having bday party of present. and today, my bday, ma family, only my lil sis wished me. n its tru friendster! mom n dad say nothing. wish nothing. n i dun mad nor sad. its just weird or normal? BOTH. i used to it. all of us r d same. n we having no prob with that. but early last month, i asked mom a watch, since i lost my bonia once. then, dad bought one home for me. bilano polo dat costs 300 something. and mom said "its for ur b-day, girl". too early too remember, i guess.its happen every year. and, i hv ma babes dat always with me, so dat i dont giv a damn. :))
happy bithday, me.

o yeah, i'm goin back college dis 15th. but i'l drive to melaka dis saturday, im's house, stay a nite n goin back to kl sunday with her. 'll blogging later i guess. in kl. daa

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

perasaan apa
rasa mengantuk tapi mata mengejek
bunyi titisan gerimis, angin dan ketenangan
ianya mengagumkan dan dingin
tubuhnya menggigil hatinya menghangat
bibirnya kaku telinganya menyanyi
fikirannya senang jemarinya menari
hari yang mengasyikkan
suram tapi senang
terus senyum saja dan berjalan
pasti ada kan?

menyambut hari ulangtahun ke 20 kelahirannya sendiri.

Monday, January 08, 2007

just need to know that i cant breath

yesterday was miserable. i'm nervous to death when i knw some pismp student failed in english, n mdm aliza replying my msg sooo late n d answer just "i x know". LOL. n miss ong answered d same too. but then just now im msging me telling dat those who r failed only d boys. huh, relieved. dunno sumwhere its true or not T.T - now, i need to call SUP for d result but my balance is not enough to make a call.. huhu

yup2, i'm making karipap last nite.. huhu penat giler. nah, i'm not doin alone, ma mom made d inti [kentang berdaging] n i cont shaping d karipap. here, learn wif me :))


make a small round doh


then using d roller, make it like roti canai hehe


fill it :D


done d 'kelim' process!


fry n eat wif sambal kicap! yum~

easy eh? i just cant stop playing wif d doh! hehe~

i just back from yp to fetch my mom , toping up ma balance n making a new maybank2u TAC. i called SUP n.. yatta~ i passed my final xm :)) but not really satisfied wif d pointer.. 3.43 its totally lower than i xpect! >,<

Saturday, January 06, 2007

ah~ new january !

sashiburi.. oh, happy new year! sorrow new year.. genap 2 weeks baru telekom g buat keje. tragedi disember - cuti dalam banjir. damn, dat pics from my previous post tuh cuma picisan je, then x dapat nak post baru yg dasyat abes akibat terputus tenaga elektrik n talian tetap telekom. how can u live for 2 weeks without dat???
but I CAN. lol.

mula2 mmg best. going rakiting, sampaning, fishing, swimming n njoying like hell we r in sunway lagoon. haha. then its gettin boring, then we moved. to where? aku sendiri pun x caye. pusat pemindahan mangsa2 banjir! LOL! for a special case, special reason and special peeps like us, we got special room - air conditioning n own bathroom. for sure for mr principal's family! haha.

banjir 167

rakiting, kak ana really d kampung girl,only she can paddle rightly!

banjir 187

sampaning - wat d heck, we r truly kampung! ^^

dis aidiladha, celebrated at kampung ayah - ayer hitam muar. better of coz than school ^^" but then back to d skool for a day then the other day, safe to back home~ yea~ i'm so happy evendo still got no electricity n phone network. hey home sweet home?!

and now i'm just wondering when i can go back to KL since doing nothing at home make me sick wif mom nagging all d time n i need to do all d household chores even ders my lazy sis laying reading hentai.. lol. comics i mean. duh, kawaii soo neh? when january come like dis.. >,<

Happy B-day to ME!, Mell(*hugs*) n Rizal. both of em r my classmates :))
n my 2 lil cousin iki n ili - 9 & 10 Jan - they r brothers, hw sweet!


iki d abang, ili d adek

otanjoobi omedetto minna !!
n when is mine? lalalalala...