Friday, August 31, 2007

happy 50th merdeka malaysia


yep. selamat hari kebangsaan ke 50 !

d 50th merdeka celebration in dataran merdeka remind me of d ceb in 2005-putrajaya where i involved in d choir team. when i looked at d ceb in dataran merdeka dis morning, i think dat d putrajaya ceb was so much better, nice and cheerful. the place, the dance perfomance, school students formation n d choir team.. i much agreed dat putrajaya ceb much much cooler than today ceb. sorry to say. the choir team especially, the perfomance.. its the same what we'd done wih the flag, pompom, kirai n etc.. n i expected something diff this morning. but then.. well ok, congratz to them. the ceb was success afterall.

aha, yesterday. it's my last day at SK Pend Khas (Deaf) Kg Baharu for my SBE. well heck yeah, i'm facing d difficulties in communicating with 'em. We had d diff sign, which they r using KTMB n me n frens using MySL. lol. ok then, so we learned KTBM for the whole week. thanx to d students n teachers. sure we got so much experiences living in their community. we painted a mural for d taman herba n made 6 metres jalur gemilang for the school. its tiring but yeah ~ fun! seriously.


teaching maths? nay.. we just hving fun ;p




yap d school building kinda classic n vintage
well actually more like haunted ;p


nama: nadia
tarikh: 30/08/07
masa pulang: 01.40 ptg

ok. lets struggle for d assignments pulak!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

bunny found another hole

i found more n more dvds in dad's room. which i hvnt seen. another reason y i havent touched my assignments yet.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

home is lovely but i'm lazy

my mom was there. d day b4 i left kl. and wif adam syahmi.. unexpected, came too. i just wanted to share how SCARED he was.. being wif my housemates. geez.


see people? they'r terrible in baby-sitting

ha ha ha. blame erma n syima for his hysterical voice in block for dat nite. LOL
[actually he had much fun wif them too. too much laughing, shouting n crying!!]

n d nite b4 i left. again something's up in house.
FAFA's locked in d toilet. gyahahahahhahaha. d toiler door handle had broken. she waited in d toilet for bout an hour till ryna came wif her full strength of her fever energy to broke down d handle using d 'lesung batu'. good job ryna !! *waves*


guess we need a new one, eyh fafa? ;p

and d next morning. after lunch, thx fafa for her sambal udang. yumms~ i off to pudu, got 1230 pm ticket but due to d stupid bus system, i got on bus at 0115 pm. cheh. i hate PUDU for their big liar tickets seller!!


wait wait n wait !

n nw i'm home. got much to do. xpecially d aSSgmens dat i hvnt touch yet. what i'm doing whole day is finishing wawa's comic collection, new novels i'd bought at popular yesterday, playing friendster, chatting at ym, watching clips, anime n dramas at crunchyroll and sleeep eat routine. blah ~


what? i'l do it LATER!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

holiday.. ?

18/08 - 26/08 = school holiday [for me too since i'm teacher trainee]
27/08 - 30/08 = SBE [school base experience]

esok balik yong peng. for a week. but cuti sminggu mmg x cukup dgn assgmen yg byk. n terus kna bwat SBE naik cuti. dis sem i'm doing my sbe at SK Pend Khas Kg Baru, KL. duh.. sign language x fasih lagi. hope it'l b OK. just OK is enough >,<"

cuti pun kena study !

Monday, August 13, 2007

memang aku emo..
korang peduli APE !!?
get a lifee !!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

theatre : enemy of the people

"...the strongest man in the world is the man who stands most alone."

In a classic tale of 'man versus the world', Enemy of the People addresses the irrational tendencies of the masses, and the hypocritical and corrupt nature of the political system that they support.

Dr Stockmann discovers that the waters from which his native spa town draws its wealth are dangerously contaminated. As the citizens realise the financial implications, Stockmann comes under increasing pressure to keep silent, and is denounced and branded as "an enemy of the people."

Joanna Bessey directs Arthur Miller's version of this Henrik Ibsen classic, presented here as part of KLPac's Black Box Festival, which will also feature plays directed by Helena Foo and Gavin Yap.

Featuring the acting talents of Zalfian Fuzi, Na'a Murad, Razif Hashim, and more.

yep, i did watched the play this evening. actually i just replacing naqib's seat since he's not going. well, its for the teslian actually. but to not wasted the ticket, i'm going on behalf of him. and i'm glad i was there. we had so much fun and i did enjoyed the play. the cast'r great, they did very well. tho of course i'm not really njoy it when they use slanga in their language, i just cant understand. lol. its my bad. okay, 4 stars for them. ;))

n yes. we'r lucky. only 6 of us. we met the cast after the show! after a long wait! well, worth it!


razif is much much cuter in real life! n humble. ;))


wif j0anna bessey, d director.. or like ema said, the lux ambassador. ;))


wif "Dr Stockman" and his "daughter". he's more handsome without the costume, n dat kid really adorable. ;3


b4 d play. we play-play dululah~


just arrived klpac


nutting, in d lift ;D

ah ya, Happy B'day Nabila J ! Hv a w0nderful year of 20~ ahaks~ ;p