Wednesday, March 28, 2007

things i shudnt do

yeah. d teslian r free rite now. 3 months oliday, need no think bout d college, classes or assignments! i'm daMn jealous! erma n kilod left yesterday morning. so, its just me, fafa n ryna in d house since ryna is going back wif her famly tomorrow n fafa waitin for her flight at friday.. girls.. y u leave meeee!!! a l o n e !

sigh.. i got tons assigments n presentation to done. but d 2 devils in my house keep forcing me joinin em enjoying life. we gone for sate kajang last nite. wif d teslian boys, fendy n company. its great nite. we ate like hell n usha-ing mak nyah at lorong haji taib.. LOL. it was fendy's plan! i just followed him! coz i dunno d way back T.T... home bout 1 am. they asked to join em to downtown but i just too tired plus got class for today. great nite. thanx guys.

again! when i got home today, bout 2pm, fafa sms me, asked to join em [again wif d boys 2] bowl at Ue3. like hell i'm sooo tired n sleepy plus i'm not really familiar d way there. but then, i'm going too.. i got no choice since i loved to..

it was damn fun!! my team won 4/5 games. i got 3x runner up since its impossible to beat shah. but i glinced 2 times! LOL it was really funny and kinda ashamed *blushing* .. we laughed like theres no tomorrow. but i felt kinda lonely when think bout their leaving tomorrow... all of em.. *sobs* somehow, i dunno y i got more 'kamceng' to them instead my coursemate.. *wink*


isnt it looks like a bowling club photo?
[baka fendy at d back, as if d ball hurt me!]

28032007(016) (1)

a lie, dat coco ball is too heavy for me
[kesian fendy xde pose lain ke?]


gonna miss u girls!

done bowlings. we went to pizza hut taman connaugt. fafa treat us!! thanx yaaa~ *kisses* its just 5 of us. me, fafa, ryna, wenq and fendy. we ate like we can afford 10 peoples meals! ay.. please dun remind me our chats there.. its really, sumwhat.. nothing.. *laugh*

home, blogging, netting. i dunno what happened to me lately. i'm too lazy to study.. study, yes, assingments, yes! i shud, things dat i really shud do. now!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

how shud i define life

duh, i forgot my last post..

i got here, imnie's place last sunday evening. i hv a week for PBS (Pengalaman Berasaskan Sekolah) to complete here, at Sekolah Pendidikan Khas Melaka [Deaf]. i planned to get here at saturday but my new laptop got problem n dad sent to fix it at sunday morning. yes, dad bought me a laptop! yatta! now i hv my fav pc, n travel laptop! lucky me~~ luv u dad~~

. . . . .

observing at deaf school really challenging.. i'm not fully understand d sign language. its HARD to communicate. but they r just nice. they helped us alot. its just like - ducks talk to d chickens. lol

n till dis day, TODAY came.. like usual, i went out at 0700am walked to d car n.. wat d heck!! d MIRROR at d DRIVER SIDE BROKE! SOMEONE BROKE IN MY CAR!! damn it! dat moron broke d radio side too.. BAKA BAKA BAKA!!! mmg menyusahkan orang!! i bought new adidas sport shoes last nite. i left it in d car but d moron didnt touch it pon! BAKA MORON! dah kena g balai polis, wat report n so on.. went to bp batu berendam n they asked us to bp melaka tengah. done d report there. n i arrived school at 1140 am! nasib baik guru besar sporting! huh~ tiring day. n rite now, imnie's dad is searching for my new glass.. duh.. its all about money...


see? pissed me off!

dis cc kinda suck. i cant upload d pics rite now. so i'll update later.. jya!!! [WARGH~~~!!]

edited 28/03

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

when i hate holiday

back. i supposed to post this back few days. ya. i'm back. last friday evening. its a long long journey, rite im? haha

it took about 4 hours or more from kl to johore. dat i usually take only 2 n a half. jammed at cheras itself. we had lunch (at about 0400pm) at A&W Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh. bla bla bla.. i dropped im at tol Ayer Keroh n wait till her dad fetched her at 0610. its kindaaaa tiring waiting u, uncle! >,<


im, jadi gila tunggu ayahnyer

i speeding my car rite after i dropped im. i dun wanna drive in dark. i kinda scare driving alone in dark. lol. i met a roadblock near pagoh, luckly they let me go. n i arrived yong peng at 0700pm. so, it only took 50mins from melaka to yong peng. great. mum 'll killed me if she knw dis. lol.

. . . . .

i watched mukhsin. twice. latest, i went with yan, lil sis n ain, our cousin last sunday at gsc summit parade, bp. mukhsin is a fine, nice, funny n sentimental film. i just like it. guess i'll wait for d original DVD of mukhsin, to be my must watch collection. but i kinda dissapointed coz we dun hv chance to watch it together, rite guppies? naah.. time is jealousing us.

n i bumped wif nabila j on road! she's driving 4wd suzuki front me, n i like "apa driver depan ni lambat st, patut pasang P!" .. LOL. its u! i noticed when she n her lil sis waved at us. who d hell in bp waving at me except nabila? then she tried to hv formula 1 race with me. r u insane? come on giv me chance.. ;D
btw, i really like ur short hair. :))

. . . . .

its mom b'day. i planned to buy cakes at bp this morning, but mom forced me to acc her to ayer hitam. when i got home, its raining in the evening. then when dad back home, she asked me if i knw today is mom bday. of coz i knw! then dont u buy a cakes? he asked me again. i called andak (my uncle live back door) who coincidently in bp, watching mukhsin wif his famly. i asked him to buy any cakes at season. i just hate yong peng's cakes coz it taste worste!

then at nite, i went out wif dad to kfc, bought a bucket home.. well wat do u xpecting from yong peng? kfc is just nice. LOL. andak arrived bout 15 mins later. mom herself cooked nasi lemak kukus. so, we hv nasi lemak kukus wif sambal, ayam goreng kfc and a blackforest cakes. haha.


so which do u like it more? d foods or mukhsin? ;D


mom's blackforest and k750i dad bought for her!

yes. dad bought k750i for mom! for real? he always want himself hving good gadjet more than others. he hides d phone when he got home. n he just gave it to mum dis nite. n mom, like always.. she hates learnin new gadget! LOL

my lil sis kinda pissed off coz dad promised her a new phone if she did well in SPM result. yes she did. she got 7As. but dad bought for mom 1st. haha.

yes. Happy B'day Mom, n the others in march.. like Salwa dat i always remember every year. Imah, and some other guys out there. n for my guppieeeeeesss, i misssed u guys damn much!


guppies, dont u missing me too?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

hidup ini indah

haha yup. indah bila x fikir benda lain. tanggungjawab yang lain. hari ni, ikut fafa pergi UIA. sbb kene 'bayar' balik, ajak die g bowling hari tuh.. hehe *dush fafa pukul* ok ok.. mmg nak ikut, sbb x pnah g uia.. :))

gerak kul 0800 pagi lebih kurang, naik star n change putra ke terminal terakhir sekali.. gombak. naik cab n sampai uia dalam kul 0930. tujuan utama nak support adrian, si teman tapi mesranya fafa. ;D die masuk lempar cakera wakil UPSI untuk MASUM [majlis sukan universiti malaysia]. mmg enjoy gak tgk, kritik orang lagi. makan lagi, cam berkelah plak kan fa? biasela support sambil 'cuci mata'. sportsman.. wow sape yg lepas pandang beb. ha ha. congratz kat adrian dapat gangsa tadi. walaupun mulanya kedudukan die paling tinggi. bersyukur jela.. hehe


we on putra

bout 12 we moved to KLCC!! yattaaaaaaaaa~~~ at last i got my Fusui type, Hidamari No Tami toy product by TOMY! tho it's not my 1st choice type. but i really like it. dah lama gila nak menatang nih. and its GREEN! yeaaa! gonna put dis thing at my car dashboard. cute tomy-chan~~ [accidently choose TOMY as his name]


my tomy-chan. got it at rRM43. precious n worth it!

then hving our lunch at Laksa Shack. i kinda dislike klcc's laksa coz it seems far different than other places. no prawns n tofu. nvm, tetap bedal sampai habis. then looked at d watch, its only 0230 pm. too early to get back, went to tgv but too many peeps. seems impossible to get d tickets. then fafa suggested to visit aquaria but too lazy to walk there. then dunno why, we entered PETROSAINS!!! ha ha ha. 2 adult tickets costing RM30 only n really worth it!


i did speed go-kart! tough u knw!


n kereta kayu too! ha ha ha


fafa even crazier. pity her


at petroleum station. we kinda hate dis section. we hate chemistry. LOL


molecule section.colorful.suit us!

we hv lots lots lots of pics more than what we understand bout science. ha ha. we finished at 0500 pm. n started hungry again! craving for ayam goreng spicy mcd n planned to hv it at mcd masjid jamek since klcc's flooding wif peoples.

n this happened to me.. when we r rushing to enter d train back to masjid jamek. when we got down, d doors still opened n fafa ran inside. she thot i was at her side, coming wif her, then come to me, the door closed!! n i like "fafaaaaaa~~~~~....." n my right hand was touching d door. fafa at d inside just laughing wif d other unkwn guys. so dat d guys who failed to get inside wif me too.. so we just waved each other, n i waited for d next train!!

its raining at masjid jamek! we ran to mcd! ayam goreng spicy sold out! what a day! forced ourselves ate original ayam goreng. not bad actually. then finished our meals, back to cheras wif STAR. reached home at 0630 lebih kurang.

so, i hope i can finished my 1500 words essay tonite, entitled "SAYA INSAN PENDIDIK" dat need to hand in tomorrow. brilliant.

n fafa, u owe ur time much than i do.. ha ha

Friday, March 02, 2007


salam all
woa~ hepi giler. that's good. after bad, worste, sux day happened lately. sejak 2-3 hari ni mmg kuat sgt keinginan to bowl. so ptg after class td, ajak la guppies g, memula me n kil je yg nak g, then pujuk fafa, she agreed. then ryna pun nak join, n erma yg x de choice sbb TAKUT nak stay umah pun kene join. ha ha ha. syim, its great if u r here too.. :)

LUCKY day! LUCKY asses! while we were on d way to timesquare, guys in mine n their coursemate msged us dat.. ALLOWANCE dah kuar! woa~~ dats early dude! they only got 345 like always n mine ofcoz more than 1k for d previous 3 months! ha ha. n they r like "nut, u shud treat us!" .. shit u guppies... >,< n ya, i paid for d 1st game bowling. wif d shoes of coz. he he. n erma, got her box of purse n belt from TOUGH. damn u girl. dun u knw how to save? LOL i'm jealous.


us, hving ice cream on d way to TS, happy faces


us, at superbowl. dah lama x catch pic camni

just played 2 games. its kinda tiring coz we only got 1 lane for 5 peoples! then wondering around ts n hv our meals at kenny rogers. planned to hv movies, but nothing up nice. since i'd downloaded all d movies from net. lol. i'm waiting for mukhsin screening dis 8th. yes mukhsin!


us again, on d way home. acted like insane peeps on d road

about 8, we leaved timesquare, walking to Hang Tuah STAR station. when we r walking out ts, theres some CNY perfomance, wheres one guy singing at d stage. its kinda old chinese song. n when he finished his song, we r like "woaa~ yeah ! yeah ! [clapping n screaming loudly]!!" .... n all d crowds dat most of them r chinese turned their back at us!! n then barulah diorg start clapping.. !! what a shamed!! LOL... we dunno n dun understand even a singel word from d song but acted like we do! n its turn us laughing out loud on d way to d STAR. its just a great nite! ha ha

n for my guppies. bertaubatlah. final exam bukan macam main bowling. boleh gelak bila masuk longkang.. ish.. [takut?? takutkan??!!] *evil laugh*