Monday, July 30, 2007

fafa, the h0mer ;p

belum tonton THE SIMPSONS the movie? bagi yang tertekan, dah lama x gelak sakan, dan sukakan komedi, anda WAJIB tonton filem ini. he he. 5 bintang untuk animasi yang telah lama saya tinggalkan ini.

ah ye. oleh kerana the guppies yg lain sampai hati meninggalkan kami berdua di rumah (saya dan fafa), maka website GSC adalah site terbaik di hujung minggu. balik kampung? bukanlah satu option yang tepat minggu ini. he he. tempahan awal online amat membantu. pawagam penuh hingga seat paling hadapan di GSC TimesSquare. dengan bangganya kami masuk lewat dan duduk di seat kedua dari belakang. lol




fake peace


p0utty fafa. ehehe


fafa busuuk!

SP_A3855 (1)

penat. menunggu train. half me? mean fafa D;

hari sabtu? apa yg anda expect? berjuta manusia di timessquare. tiada mood untuk bershopping dan melepak makan. tambahan pula, x mahu terlepas untuk train malam. habis sahaja tayangan, kami terus menuju ke watsons membeli barang keperluan dan berjalan pulang. terima kasih fafa untuk hari yang hebat. ;))

Monday, July 23, 2007

just a lil thing

hurm. what's up? nothing really.

limited time

i had fever since last saturday. sore throat, flu, headache, d body heat, cough.. all in one package. great. i got mc till tomorrow (tuesday). n i did nothing for these 3 days. d medicine just helped me to sleep, sleep, and sleep. ay.. thinking to come back to class tomorrow but still not feelin well, moreover its just one period for en razak class, n 'll hv asembly at d hall after da, i better keep mum at home. sleeping again, i guess. lol. no wonder i hv tons uncomplete asgments, so stop complaining. ;p

last sem result, was announced this morning. n i wasnt there. but imnie did told me, mine. no improvement at all. the pointer exactly like my foundation course, 3.4 something. its really made me dissapointed wif my self. i need to work harder and smarter. cheh.

not goin out this week. last movie i watched was Harry Potter 5 at imax. wif erma and kil. unlike d others, i dont think it's a disappointment. tho bit diff from d book. but who cares, i like them all. i only hv d first to d fifth book. i never had a chance to read d half blood prince, so dont ask me whether i hv d new deathly hollows. i heard rumors d movie for half blood prince i'l b sceening in 2008? that pretty fast. duh, daniel is super hot hero! *grins*

Saturday, July 14, 2007

body waves

went to titiwangsa just now. watching gymnastic which performed by the Danish gymnasts from Denmark. yaa, its for my pe class an some kind of my interest too =))
n ya i did enjoy the permomance. worth to see. for RM10 ticket!
they also shown acrobatic balances and some Danish Folk Dance!

danish gymnas 005

the opening

danish gymnas 008

they did well!

danish folk dance, its fun!

danish gymnas 003


danish gymnas 015

he's one of ma fav! ofcoz for his skills!


ayay she's a good jumper. lol


kick ass nite

well, i did gymnas back then when i was in foundation. n i did apply gymnas for this sem too but they took me into basketball team. yaa soo right place for me. the pe class and the basketball practice really taking away my evening! i even dont have a time to done my homework, since when i am home.. i just spent all the free time sleeping till the next day come.

i need my brain working fast, faster and speeding through, my body to move fast, and right. my money grow n grow!

Monday, July 09, 2007

a lil story

it was a week of surprises. yah, its true. omy, now i'm gettin bit EMO.

its something that already past that i hate to tell, but fafa's dad gone to rahmatullah last tuesday. Al-fatihah to him, semoga ditempatkan dengan orang2 yg beriman. i knw fafa 'll doing good. she's strong n tough enough. but the funny things was at lcct airport where we acc fafa flew to labuan. we lost d way home. lol. i'm d one who driving. ha ha. we just followed d signboard but its very unfamiliar highway where no cars around and we got home after pass by sungai balak, putrajaya n so much different world. well, its a good experience afterall. i get used all d highway now. lol. aha, i skipped classes dat day ;p

PE's class always made me crazy. its damn tiring tho bit fun. just avoid to come late for the class or u'l get scolded for an hour. haha, i'm glad d teslian will face d PE class too.. yaY~! barulah adil kan erma? ;D

adam syahmi [ma nephew] hving his aqiqah n gunting rambut ceremony last saturday! so i skipped my saturday classes to back home, yong peng. hehe. i had so much ponteng for this sem. just need to make sure my attendance is just enough for me to sit for d xmination. lol. but i went to jj maluri b4 going back. just for the takoyaki!!



ryna and syima


erma n me. cam whoring!


syima macam anak kucing!!


ah, ryna u r too slow!

yea, its takoyaki day! i did tapau for lil sis at kampong. she's damn craving for takoyaki so dat i went to jj dat evening. at nite, abang long fetched me at *mas, heading home~ duu duu


adam syahmi gettin cuter n friendly!