Friday, March 11, 2005

to SPM's candidates 2004 -Congrats!

Congratulations to those who got excellent result especially all my friends, yosh~ well done guys. Hurm, my result not really good or maybe very average!!?? It's really unexpected! Anyway, i hope we always can keep in touch even can't meet all of you again. Good luck and see ya again.

Enjoy dis one.. Sadako!

Thursday, March 03, 2005

March~ it's coming!

Phew, once a month? ha ha, sorry i'm very lazy to post something. Good Luck to all my frens, hope all of u get a nice results~ and dun forget to take me for a treat. Ha ha.. for this month, i wish Happy Belated Bithday to my fren, Joyce [4/3]. Sorry no present for u.. ^_^;; . I also have my driv test dis monday 7/3. Wish me luck, Okies, c ya guys!

Happy Bithday to U! Birthday girl- Joyce!