Sunday, February 04, 2007

listening to maksim

i'm not planning to blog till sukantara done, but erma just cant stop asking when is my next post. what? do u think i'm reporting news? LOL. du du du du.. .... see? i dunno what to say..

hurm, sukantara is tiring !! i'd done d high jump and 100metre last friday, n i'l be doin 800m, long jump n lontar peluru[forgot wat it called in english?] next tuesday. he he he he.. ape yg aku hepi sgt? ada improvement beb! i got 2 points from high jump n full points(3) for 100m! tho Shalu left me far at her back. LOL. n then, my body ache all weekends.. duh..

ha! i feel so great wif my pc back to me! its exciting to have my 17' flat screen back to normal. so dat the others kan? :)) . its good to have it back but then.. i'm repeating d bad habit; netting 24/7! sleeping n netting n sleeping again.. n i'm not done my asgment yet but gaia-ing again ![playing gaiaonline, one of my fav online games].




n dis, i'm washing mr cheap using d washing machine.. ha ha ha poor mr cheap ;D

gegegegegegege.. i'm planning to jog dis morning n yesterday with the others but it ends wif us sleepin to death. oi peoples! kalahla "pasukan hotlink" macam ni~! [actually its rumah maju (red)] . sore jya, bye!


erma said...

did i?? really,,, but i didnt mean t0 force u [dgn nd sadey]huhuhu btw c0ngratz with the wh0le sukantara thingy,,, but keep it l0w while talkin bout sp0rt,, huhuhu one pers0n is en0ugh ahahahahah

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

haha coz u r totally d lasiest gurl in our house dat contribute nothing for d sports! ha ha ha
nasib baik ko pasukan lain ma, dah le xde brand~ [red=hotlink, blue=celcom, yellow=digi]
what's d green for? let me think.. ah ye PAS kot? hu hu hu ;D