Wednesday, January 31, 2007

nuts is on

selamat petang. ehem. esok hari wilayah, so classes r off for tomorrow. planning to go to puchong, coz of d cpu prob. wish i hav more time to bowl at IOI puchong. but, esok.. thaipusam gak. hope jalan x bz. geeeeez~ walaupun dah lama, masih ade kegusaran bile passing by d 'black area' where i 'slipped' last year. duh +__+

kelas dah mula, assignment pun dah start jalan, presentation, latihan umah sukan.. walaupun dtg once je.. ehehe. i promised to come next sukantara, which starting dis friday.. duh.. kuat lagi ke nak pecut? dgn track yg macam nak membunuh. really want to try lembing but looks like almost kpli's also interested on dat. so.. dunno waht to try or not. as long i hv company wif me i'll giv a try. what bout lontar peluru? hey hey! i got 2 out 3 points last year from dat part tau! even d bigger person contribute nothing! LOL. for sure, i dun wan to be d marching gurl or pom pom gurl! dats really not suit me! thoght we(including me) won d marching last year. c d legs la! also got 1 points from lompat tinggi n lompat jauh. nah, dun think i can do better dis year.. i'm more to sleepzzzzZZZzz

ah ye, ntah macam mane, we got d airconditioning class kat bilik swasta. d others must be jelesssssss! LOL. but i think its temporary. knw what? dis time i really dislike d subjects:

1. TITAS (Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia)
2. PDM (Pendidikan di Malaysia e.g. - Falsafah dll)
3. PSI (Psikologi Perkembangan)
5. PK (Pendidikan Khas 1. Komunikasi 2. Masalah Pendengaran)

i do like titas n english but pdm n psi always bring my mind out of d class. n pk is getting tougher as usual.. duh.. d class is separated to 2. one is for LD (Learning Disabilities) n d other one is my class for Hearing Impairement. I choose it myself coz i thought its easier to deal wif deaf kids than the LD. Lets see how true it is when i graduated n start teaching. huh~


agaim im n me, we dunno wat to do in a class without lecturer. LOL. dis gonna be the same thing happen to my students i guess ;D

For Februarians,
Happy Birthday to YAN and FUZZ [05 & 10] my best gals. we r frens no matter wut kan?

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