Tuesday, February 20, 2007

home CNY

Happy CNY !!!

tho bit late.. Happy CNY to all malaysian especially my chinese fwends~
Gong Xi Fa Cai ~!

ay ay.. home at last. back wif ma bro, ebby.. he drove back his new blue savvy. quite nice but i hv no chance to try coz i'm bad at manual. huhuhu. at least dun need to spend ma money for d fuel n PLUS fees. *wink*

we reached home at 4 am, sunday. not doin much on sunday, i went for d 2nd gath girls planned by imah on monday. i'd doa selamat at home at noon n went to MB pt raja [again??] at 320 pm. i'm surprised when anur n yatie joined us. coz me, or maybe some of d others not really closed wif 'em. well, its imah's planned.. so jalan jela.. more over, its more to celebrating imah b4 she fly dis April.. eyh April ke? nvm.. ;p

i' having very very bad diarrhoea!! i dunno wats wrong wif ma stomach lately! damn.. its happened since last year. guess i need to go to doctor. shiit... i hate doctors~ not bcause i'm scare or wateva... just hate waiting at d clinic.. owh no.. i drank 4 bottles vitagen today hope ma stomach 'll gettin better. its hurting! and just now, my eldest bro back from cameron wif his wife. he bought lots lots strawberry for us.. n me n lil sis like.. WoaAaoooa~~ dip wif honey .. superlicious~! yum yum~

n.. i'm doin dis AGAIN for my manly face.. duh.. none of em matchs me pun~


Happy CNY peoples~..


erMA said...

hi nut~~~~~~~~~aku balik diz sturday... k0 lak??? perut k0 saket lg erkh?? better g jumpa d0c.. x per2 aku teman,, ari ada kelas p0nt x per huhuhuhuh

shahrul erma said...

wah,, ko jdk nama aku seyh

Anonymous said...

tu laa, x de keja lain.. sibuk,,,, makan je.. padan muka ko!


LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

@ erma : alasan kau tu, x sakit pun nak join ponteng.. ish..

@ aleen : gud try, xpe xpe.. aku wat karipap tuk erma je..