Monday, January 08, 2007

just need to know that i cant breath

yesterday was miserable. i'm nervous to death when i knw some pismp student failed in english, n mdm aliza replying my msg sooo late n d answer just "i x know". LOL. n miss ong answered d same too. but then just now im msging me telling dat those who r failed only d boys. huh, relieved. dunno sumwhere its true or not T.T - now, i need to call SUP for d result but my balance is not enough to make a call.. huhu

yup2, i'm making karipap last nite.. huhu penat giler. nah, i'm not doin alone, ma mom made d inti [kentang berdaging] n i cont shaping d karipap. here, learn wif me :))


make a small round doh


then using d roller, make it like roti canai hehe


fill it :D


done d 'kelim' process!


fry n eat wif sambal kicap! yum~

easy eh? i just cant stop playing wif d doh! hehe~

i just back from yp to fetch my mom , toping up ma balance n making a new maybank2u TAC. i called SUP n.. yatta~ i passed my final xm :)) but not really satisfied wif d pointer.. 3.43 its totally lower than i xpect! >,<


erma said...

uits,,,, ok wut wif ur result n ur karipa lo0ks absolutely delicious!!!!!!! geng licious kita muahahahhah sesungguhnyer cpt balik snie,, n jgn jdk manusia yg x besyukur,,, at least k0 x failed eng can yg k0 paranoid diz past few days!!

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

ha ha ha
u r rite. n obviously karipap tu tuh superlicious~! yatta~~ yatta~~! i miss everone! i miss bntgmass!

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh....aku nk karipap nii... oi nutz, buatlah tuk aku!!