Wednesday, January 10, 2007

goin back

its sad u know.
like pathetic. watching my 2 lil cousin goin out wif their family celebrating birthdays. iki d elder brother sharing the same day wif me, 09 Jan. d lil bro, ili is today, 10 Jan. its not sad because no one celebrating mine, its just remind the past me, its just like them. dejavu. mom n dad bought cakes n ceb together wif ma bros n sis. but today, no.. since i entered 2ndary sxhool, we stopped ceb bday. i dunno, maybe because its not our tradition anymore n coz we'r growing up i guess. we wont asked for it. to having bday party of present. and today, my bday, ma family, only my lil sis wished me. n its tru friendster! mom n dad say nothing. wish nothing. n i dun mad nor sad. its just weird or normal? BOTH. i used to it. all of us r d same. n we having no prob with that. but early last month, i asked mom a watch, since i lost my bonia once. then, dad bought one home for me. bilano polo dat costs 300 something. and mom said "its for ur b-day, girl". too early too remember, i guess.its happen every year. and, i hv ma babes dat always with me, so dat i dont giv a damn. :))
happy bithday, me.

o yeah, i'm goin back college dis 15th. but i'l drive to melaka dis saturday, im's house, stay a nite n goin back to kl sunday with her. 'll blogging later i guess. in kl. daa


eRmA said...

nut~~ sadey nyer~~~ but u r right!! u g0t ur babes behind Ue!! dun w0rry... k,,, huhuhuhu its gr8 to hv u back [aiyo00o i think i will regret it later by saying diz] huhuhuhu at least bilik hukuman dh ada 0rg huhuhu

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

lol. its nothing for me. sajeje nak show how cold but cold we r. :))

ah ye, blik tu bukan lg blik hukuman yek.. I'M BACK !!