Thursday, January 18, 2007

ay.. KL~

i'm back, home, cheras. orientation week 's sux. what d hell kena orentasi lg? n i missed almost all d breakfast, lunch & dinner dat cost RM60 = RM15 per day. yelah, i stay outside! its not fair, we arent newcomers! y shud we joined d newcomers kpli? duh.. i hate d pengurusan peeps. so, even kene warning x g taklimat, we, d 4 notty gurls [lately i always stick with mun, im n alia] skipped every taklimat at d main hall... went bowling! ahaks~ *wink*

i think i cant bowl nicely with them. very not satisfied playing with im. i want to play at least 4 games, but she only can hold 2 games. duh, wat a waste.. after bowling we bought nite at d museum tickets, then ate at chicken rice shop, d most affordable one at times square. ha ha. showtime at 0220pm, we really really enjoyed d movie! omg, i love owen wilson! :))


with im, mun 's testing her new sony ericsson walkman camera phone

overall, i enjoyed my time wif them, thanx gurls. :)) and thanx for d bday present too. they gave me a cute bedsheet. hey hey, u really knw me eh! i love bedsheets n comforters!

and tadi, we went to putrajaya, for Majlis Pelancaran 2007, perutusan Menteri Pelajaran Malaysia, Dato' Hishammudin. im is right, since we r joining dis education course, we'd met Hishammudin uncountablely. it doesnt mean dat its boring. well, i respect him much of course. but its my 1st time to PICC (Putrajaya International Conventional Centre). impressed wif d hall designs. i'm proud to be there. lol. its sounds so lame. ;p


hey im, focus at me!


again, its us - alia, mun, im, me

wow, we really enjoyed d lunch there. worth to go :))
ah ye, dad called me last day, flood still on, and d house, like my sis said, she can see fishes at d porch and inside d house its just like amazon! haha, i wonder how it looks like. enjoy your holiday girl, clean up d house!! ha ha

ah ye, thanx to alin too.. for d "what to call thing?" he he..
sure i'll use it later. when d orientation week off. duh..

well, then, c another post, jya neh ~


eRmA said...

nut.. lapaq,,, bangun laaa jom kita g pasar mlm.....

LittleShijuku a.k.a Nutz said...

ko bangunkan aku kat sini mmg la aku x bgun.. kan dah terlepas pasar malam!