Thursday, June 04, 2009


i'm still at puchong.
and yesterday.
sharp midnite.
about 1245am back from office.
we noticed someone broke into the house.

and i lost
+ my compaq lappy : ((((
+ my mouse : (
+ my ipod's earphone : (
+ my DC camping bag : ((
+ my panties n bras in the camping bag : (((
(theyr precious n xpensive ok !)

fuck the burglars. yes i want to show him my middle finger right on his face.

and my bros n wife lost
+ 46' plasma tv
+ sonyvaio laptop
+ 3 units wifi modem
+ loads of cash
+ and more

and tell u what. the policemans r rubbish.
the end.

so anyone wants to donate me a macbook?


crescent said...

OMG! omg! omgggg...giler babeng!
speechless aku klo berdepan situasi ko.

ye aku agree.
middle finger da best.

waNNa_eXess said...

aku pon bengang!!!!!!!!!

bullshitto sungguh pencuri2 tu.

fafa^chucky said...

gile nad!
thats alot!!
alaa ur bag pun hilang..?!
huh h0pe pencuri tu dpt tngkap
then kite ramai2 tunjuk middle finger kt dia!! ok?

anyway..u try to chill ok..ktorg doakan ko dpt macbook pujaan hati..:)

nuT said...

: ((


*nanges senyap senyap*

Raja Nadiah said...

serious shit?????
report dah police and stffs????

miss1904 said...

mak aihh..!super jahat punya pencurik..
neraka jahanam la tempat ko!!

eRmAbuTAng said...

not all ploiceman r rubbish
one of them is cute
ok nut lets do this
-we both buy new macbo0k
-we share to buy office for students boley???

K I R I M A R U~ said...

bra n panties?
hahaha menarik btol la pencurik ni...
mmg sangap....