Thursday, May 28, 2009

Its just the beginning of holidays and i'm bored

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5 brand that you like the most

+ Apple
+ Crocs
+ Levis
+ Nike
+ HushPuppies

5 brand that you dislike the most
+ Nokia
+ Forest
+ people wif LV and brag bout it. hello urs is pirate one

5 countries that you want to go the most
+ Japan
+ U K
+ Germany
+ Italy
+ Ausie

5 countries that you do not want to go the most
+ Israel
+ Thailand
+ Myanmar
+ Turkey

5 item that you like the most
+ gadgets
+ shoes
+ baby Ts
+ pendants
+ food : )

5 item that you dislike the most
+ cigars
+ alcohol drinks
+ worms

5 people that you love the most
+ the prophet
+ family
+ my bb pete
+ my guppies
+ my soulfriend

5 people that you hate the most
+ you stalker, you spread rumours bout me n friends because you are obviously jealous. how was it?
+ people who curse loud front of me. tho u r my friend, its unappropiate
+ its okay to talk bout others, but lots of talk show ur weakness.

5 color that you like the most?
+ red
+ black
+ white

5 color that you dislike the most?
+ yellow look weird on me

5 things that you dream the most
+ get a paywell job
+ travels round the globe
+ make my family happy
+ living with my love one

5 things that you not dream at all
+ being in high position. thats quite a tough job

5 of your positive character
+ confident
+ relax. i mean too relax, unplanned (is it +ve?)
+ friendly. hey.. i'm friendly !
+ adventurous
+ i'm not a -u must pay back what i've done to u- person

5 of your negative character
+ lazy definitely
+ cudnt put all my attention wif studies in class
+ evrything. i want it fast.
+ big spender
+ i'm too kind. betul ! smpai susahkan diri sendiri. sigh.

5 moments that you miss the most
+ beaaaaach wif family
+ cycling to school
+ loud house wif guppies
+ SHOPPING for attires !
+ jalan2 dgn bb. sigh

5 moments that you do not want to remember at all?
+ i was there. studying there. i hate everything bout that place

5 positive characters of your best buddy
+ cheerful
+ partner in crime in EVERYTHING
+ understanding
+ good listener n talker
+ every jokes never failed make her laugh. patbor sgt ok.

5 negative characters of your best buddy
+ sakit perot memanjang
+ too sensitive bout family matters
+ gataaal sangat
+ big spender juga

5 things that you happy to do the most (Of your entire life)
+ spending time wif my family
+ being in family's home. aman gile
+ spend time wif my bb yg manja
+ when i can shop til drop
+ new gadgets!! wuuuuuuu~

5 things that you regret the most
+ buat dosa

Single question

Favorite animal?
+ cats n rabbits

Favorite quote?
+ to gain something is to sacrifice something

Favorite actor?
+ depp ?

Favorite actress?
+ zoey deschanel. she's damn pretty n kewl

Favorite things that you do when you are alone?
+ fb. blog. ym. muvi

Favorite website?
+ usha barang kat

Favorite moment?
+ being appreciated by someone

Favorite sport?
+ bowling

Favorite vegetable?
+ kailan masak ikan masin

Favorite movie?
+ bridge to terabithia

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waNNa_eXess said...

habis exam di sambut dengan tag2 yg sangt panjang!! hahaha.

happy2 hols!!

Raja Nadiah said...

tau xper
peanuts damn nutti kan
comel giler
suka tg expression dia