Tuesday, June 23, 2009

to gain something is to sacrifice something?

last two weeks.
i lost my lappy n thingy.
i've been very patient.

yesterday morning.
i lost my P1i phone.
and this time i cried.

last nite.
i bought a new lappy.
with a gloomy heart.

ya Allah. lindungilah aku dr sebarang kecelakaan. amin.


Adam Syahmi said...


miss1904 said...

not to worry...take it as tests from Allah...luckily it's just ur thingy and not anything else..~~ just be grateful of whatever happened to u..that shows that Allah loves u.. :)
because i've been through such hard obstacles before such as my mom's condition before...and others..~~

waNNa_eXess said...

amin yarabbal alaminn...

nuT said...

@ adam & wanna :

@ miss1904 :
thanx to u too.
i hope ur mom doin good there.
: )