Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Estrella - Heaven

talkin bout heaven,
i'd finished my papers yesterday.
: )

so, happy holidays to my friends there
enjoy ur free time n see ya guys next sem

eh, did i tell ya i'm gonna do my 2nd practikum at chendering?
yes. kuala terengganu.
the prac start June 28, so i might having some fun time finding a house there this holiday. well yeah. thats kinda annoying.
but i try to make it fun. indeed.

stories n piccas in facebook.
ah ya. make sure i like u.
i dont make friends with peeping tom.
: )

later guys.

happy hols guppies. next party @ new house!


SIR ZUL said...

bajek pic cover album estrella..haha

Raja Nadiah said...

miss anything?
duno la
figure out urself
or ask zera

nuT said...

ko rase ktorg cam estrella ke?
ha ha
(bangang pe liyana sorg pompuan ok!)

i ask zera 1 quest she 'l story 50 tales in row. thats quiet some time.
take care ur self, another NUT.