Monday, January 11, 2010

die ry

jan 7
# i decided to not celebrating my bday. he's not here. : (

jan 8
# i grounded my self to not going out. but i'm starving and to not bein rude, i accepted mun & im invitation to have dinner. plus, b always remind me to have a good food. *nods*

guppies is so kewl they came and sing bday song with bday cake to me at Q BISTRO! i was really ashamed. of course. guppies never understand the word shame. i looooove em all. thanx to imnie. i knw she looves me. :*

jan 9
# well today should be the great day, but maybe not this year. i'm goin out with friends of friend, and i found that one of em is really rude. yes. he is rude to me and his friend. i just cant believe that i'd spent the day with em. i totally regret that i wasted my good day with his existence.

jan 10
# omg the guppies reborn !!! ok. i jussst looooooveee the guppies. we watched AJL together at kak hanim's house, have a nice chat and nice food. nice gossipsss. thanx for the great day!

so.. afterall, i thank my girls, my guppies, to let me in in their joy life for these weekend. thank you girls ! mwah !


fafa^chucky said...

yeessss... betuul
guppies mmg x tau malu tu apaa
wpun byk mamat hensem masa tu
kami tetap nk nyanyi kuaat2..:P haha

and the reunion of guppies mmg beeesst but a lil sad sbb tringat sgt kita dulu2 kan..:)

love u too guppy ku!

~riena~ said...

through the thick n thin ......
i misssh having u by my side.
ur one of a kind..
its u n u n matter how many friends ive met but ur just nadia..that ive known since 2005...up until now.
missh u have a great life!
i love u n cherished our friendship...

warmest regards,

nuT said...

terima kasih anak-anak ikan gapi ku!
*warm hugssss*

waNNa_eXess said...

have a blast and great year dear. :)

eRmAbuTAng said...

sadey waktu kt umah kak hanim x dew gmbaq :(
*aku nk gambaq k dlm bilik!*