Sunday, October 24, 2010

what u want to hear?

u guys read this already ?? -------------------------------------->

ha ha.
yes laugh people. i'm leaving maktab in A MONTH !
5.6 years baby!
okay what a boring post.
but i feel so free!! :D :D :D

first thing first
i'm gonna missed my girls.
especially shahrul erma yang kalau boleh hari hari nak susahkan aku. teman dinner la ape la. but it nice to hv u around. (lie)
and the other guppies yang susah sangat nak jumpa!
please please please dont forget me.
tahun depan i belanja u ols TGIF (fafa sponsor 50% ok)
and do come to johor ANYTIME ! my mom missed u girls.

2nd. KERJA.
sebenarnya langsung x semangat nak kerja.
tapi i nak gaji.
so camna?
ok pk nanti la.

there is no third. u guys knw me i guess.
i dont think bout future or past. i only live in present. what happen just happened. and to gain is to sacrifice. i dont think much bout being apart with my best friends, its 2010 we have phone, internet, facebook, car, plane watever it is, just prepare ur money. easy life. dont think much. (so tak guna hang tulis post ni Nadia! bengong)

and Pete?
he always be mine. distance kinda annoying.
at first i dun really mind.
but when people around me start complaining :
"oh i missed my bf (which she just met hers day b4 yesterday)"
THATS HURT ME MUCH! seriously.
yes u erma n imnie. someday i gonna slap u hard.
but its unfair for him if i complaining the same.
we r cool. eh pete?

okay, what else u wanna hear?
CALL ME! lol.


eRmAbuTAng said...

=) after u leave i only hv kak nor
of course i miss him :(
n i know u gotta misses me n my messy dramatic life!

kilodkoo said...

dont worry nad..
i gonna miss u too
even though we are hardly met
miss ur mom...
im thinking when am i going to ur house again
xpe2,pekan nenas dgn YP da xjaoh,.sejam bo smpi =)
about pete,he is always be yours rite n he'll definitely going back to semenanjung,cume mase yg tentukan
sabar k~~~~