Sunday, April 11, 2010

what i've done . . ?

3 times in 3 months.
5 years driving.
nobody can do worst than me.

this is the best practicum ever.
but god challenge me with something else.

they said because i'm stronger than anyone else.
i do. i accept it. with redha.
but please. no more.


waNNa_eXess said...

Babe, i still remember last ramadhan when i had 2 accidents. 1st ramadhan and 20 ramadhan. I was like why!!??
It cost me 1k++ to repair my car,with my own money. huhu. My first accidents was my mistake. Ive made a report and dapat saman RM300 but i didnt pay for that. Then 20 days after, a mat rempit hit me. Its obviously his mistake. But im so afraid to make a report cos i still have a pending saman to settle. Sangat sedih and sedih cos i have to settle everything with myself. Yes. u are strong. i am believe in that.
Just be safe ok?
and berdoa sebelum drive. everytime before u start ur driving. ;D

nuT said...

1. rempit bike boy hit me
2. car was parked. langgar lari by a man with bike. but he injured in his face. patah hidung and so on. padan muka
3. 4 cars in row. i'm in d middle.

2 police reports. none kena saman. 2 insurans covered.

1 broken heart.

ya. doa. kelalaian diberi peringatan.