Tuesday, February 10, 2009

long day.


slept at 5am last nite after long chat wif b.
i woke at 945am coz i thot k hanim surprise party is during lunch.
no answer till 11am. when i started having running nose, terus kemas2 rumah.. bilik especially coz i'm bit sensitive to dusk.

the bday party surprise is at dinner.
i woke my b to teman me str8 to BB to find my Saviour Gundam. from timesq to low yat to sg wang and back to timesq .. looking for a value buy. end up bought it all at low yat coz i only found saviour there. and only 2 left. one is 1/144 HG and the other is 1/100. well.... scroll down to see wat i bought there.

reached *mas around 7. they done wif the decoration. helping fafa wif d sosej madu after maghrib. d guys were so late. the surprise r supposed at 830 but then coz they r big late, its started at 930. k hanim was touched. ha ha. fafa lied to her that we hv test tomorrow so we cant join her bigpot party. lol.

GAAAMEEES. done makan2. we played CHARADE -again-.
till it's nearly 12.. back home wif d guys.

n now here i'm blogging reporting my day.
here is d pics for today. HAPPY B'DAY KAK HANIM !

* * *

my next project! i just love mecha from GSD. thanx to him for accompany me all day. love u!


SIR ZUL said...

dat time aku kat amber kol 11..patut ah nmpk kete kaw kat *mas..

miss1904 said...

waahh..more gundam.. :P

eRmAbuTAng said...

aku lupa rotate picture
jantan hot yg retsricted utk kita
n yet didie said
i was in my flirty dress
doesnt make sense kn?

glad u join us :D
*mode demam x ckp byk~*

nuT said...

tgk bola? x ajak aku seyh. dah nampak tu roger2 la sket.

@miss 1904:
yes. susah nak dpt GSD pnye design. sbb dah lama sgt. haha. orang dah nak buang i baru nak main.. ;p

@erma :
gambaq tu mmg x mau rotate. ko igt aku sengal cam kau ke? haha.

not talk much? so not u.