Monday, February 09, 2009


i had dinner wif balkish and wawa last nite.
they r some senior that i close to.

been years x makan sama. kish still mad at me bout i'm not attending her open house last raya. he he he. its normal when we hit each other n says: LAPAAAR.
so last nite we decide to hv dinner together.. and wawa joined us in last minute.

she wanted cheese nan. so we went to mapley(i just knw this term refer to 'mamak') at Q bistro. no wonder wanna is keep mention mapleyyyy in her blog. lol. seriously i hv no idea.

after the not so long talks. and done wif cheese nan and tandoori chicken. wawa makan burger beli kat dpan mapley. dia gila burger. haha.

and d interesting part is when we r about to leave. the mamak returned my balance and kish was like 'ko tau x nak buat bunga pkai dwet kertas?'
i was thinking bout d origami and i said NO.
and she insist to teach me how.
she take rm1 note.
mine is rm2. the old one.

kish : lipat here. here. and here.
me : *nodding and follow"
kish : buka here n here.. hish lambat la kau.
me : ye ye okay. ko laju sgt..
kish : here n here n here
me : lamanya x siap2.. ko mainkan aku ke?

kish : .... (silent laugh)
me : kau ni bukan leh caya
kish : haa.. ni la jadi bunga.. (refer to the real BUNGA on d 1 ringgit note)
me : !@#$%^&*()

and she laugh out loud. n leave d table.
thanx for the night evil!


crescent said...

haha nut

balkis said...

hahah..luv it!!
thnx ma dear 2 d treat!

waNNa_eXess said...

without me.


nuT said...

haha someone pissed...