Monday, April 07, 2008

Sports Day SKPKS

i shouldn even be doin this. no. i hv tons works in my list. need to submit d day after tomorrow. but i just cant think any rite now. so here i'm blogging. stupid girl.

went to SK Pend Khas (Deaf) Selangor this morning. for sports day. i thought its just a visit like we always did. but act we were volunteers for today's event. lol. so there i was under d heat of d sun burning my face on d field, held white and red flags, make sure d kids ready to run. ok. watever. i dont mind that. but some people really mind that. wif big shades n cap standing under d canopies n trees doin nothing, u peeps just useless. go back to college morons.

so here some piccas;

i looked 'cheh~'


this is muiz, he ate dat banana really slow
like he's njoying dat. hey u supposed to beat them! ;p

me n kak mun. track gurls rawks~!

done d tracks events, lepak

i said 'one more'

so thats y we need more days to done all d ASSgments. enough is enough. no more outdoor please!

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eRmAbuTAng said...

u lo0ked lazy n0t ceeehhhhhhh.....
g0sh lama x view ur blog
life's sux~