Sunday, April 27, 2008

day off

at last. i'm free.
anatomy museum yesterday was d last task for this sem.
just papers coming next month. study week !

20 - 23 April
Kel El Azhar. Banting
Sambutan Tahunan Kadet Pandu Puteri M'sia

d damn thing was no one wanna go to d camp. everyone was busy. tons assignments and a paper on friday. so.. a draw lots! 7 lucky guides was chosen. rite, included me. its just a day b4 camp baru nak bgtau. shit.

i'd been there for BIG last sem. gud thing we werent staying in tent at d camping site. instead in a air conditioning chalet nearby. and its clean place. wif a better hall and cafe. but the stupid thing is we'r like d only group in pismp course and d others were kpli which akak2 n makcik2. and we'r separated in diff group. great.

what i like bout d camp:
- better bed
- d camp sports
- social service at kampung org asli
what i hate :
- social service at pantai kelanang. d pantai was already polluted. its stink n sux. ya we did got tons black plastic bag but its like not worth it. they shud do something. heard that there's kandang babi and kumbahan nearby. no wonder

k lah. piccas :











a planned to balik kg was cancelled due to d visit and assg.
going back next week definetely !!
but b4 that, celebrating adam's bday !!

Happy 1st B'day Adam Syahmi!
adam p

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eRmAbuTAng said...

lets g0 4 hols!
hppy day to adam l0rh
diz wed aite??