Wednesday, April 23, 2008

b a b 1

3 assignments. (ok just 3)
final paper on friday.
a plan to go back kampong on friday.
a camp which no one want to go.
a draw lots.
'lucky' me number 1.
struggling done ass earlier for d camp.
left last sunday.
just got back today (weds).
received another tasks for tomorrow n friday.
a sudden visit to HUKM on friday eve. (which i planned to back home)

conclusion: life sux when u startin to luv it.

mom & lil sis, sorry if i cant make it again.

cant think any. cant stories more. i just can cry.

1 comment:

eRmAbuTAng said...

sian k0
dun b sad,,
mcm bt0i jer k0 ckp.. lifes turn suck when u starting t0 lurve it..
btw sedap x cupcake aku :D