Friday, October 12, 2007

days b4 raya

now it's only me left at kl. dammit. in a hour, ebby 'l come fetch me here to go back yong peng. so, it's d same. i still going back at malam raya. cheh. i should go back yesterday actually. but due to my selfish brother, we r going back this evening. i rather back by bus if i knw this i'l happen. its rainy heavily outside. that's soo a good time to drive! yeah pray for me! i mean, us..

* * *

shopping. this is what i'm into this week. i found one baju kurung at maju junction after a day search at kl central, which no size for me. yaaa i knw jalan TAR way cheaper but i hate d crowd okay.. and erma is my partner in crime for jalan-jalan cari barang this raya. well she's going home late too. her flight at friday noon. but, who said plane is safe? hehe thanx ema!

nutting @ MPH

lepak at MPH kl sentral. waiting for buka

d next nite we went to jusco taman equint, d nearest from bandar bukit puchong. erma did found her shoes. but meeee? no size again. its d one from hush puppies which i love to had since last 2 months! so we went to timesquare the next morning since ema need to pick up her jeans at mng. n hell yeah! i found my size at hush puppies timesquare!! yattaaaaa~ and i'l make sure to get my clarks after raya pulak! yeaaa rompak bank! ahahahha~

nutting @ MNG

i was laughing at ema. poser!

this ramadhan. kinda meaningless to me. i havent got a chance to fast at home yong peng. i did very less terawih n ibadah. i had so busy life. i forgot everything..
may Allah forgive me. and blessed me this coming syawal.

back home

but i found this beautiful view this ramadhan

so people, friends, guppies, dearies.. Happy Eid Mubarak and sorry for d things i did which might hurt you guys. enjoy ur raya! :))

1 comment:

ermA saket said...

hey isnt my jeans r0x?
so0o kewl aite hahhahahahah
s0o mad at telc0 c0mpany,, msg jam mlm raya...
k,, sm0ga dpt save duit 4 dat clarks.. huhuhuhu
plz take da br0wn one,, its nicer...
n yeah,, dun w0rry,, i'm safe flying back h0me,,, juz pray 4 me when i'm fly back t0 kl k huhuhu

slamat ari raya~