Sunday, October 28, 2007

a blast sunday

i watched p ramlee the musical with fafa this evening. and its very great cool perfomance. damn i would like to go again. sean ghazi is superb. his voice melt my heart. haha. same goes to liza hanim. siti nurhaliza maybe wasnt good in acting (yet) but cant complaint her voice and song. but melissa saila is my FAVOURITE. she is charming, vogue, beautiful, and wild. so did her perfomance. she's the best :))

pics taken from d offical website(sharper than mine):

look who's there. shafie from mukhsin!
and mikhael merian from the enemy of the people!

sean ghazi + melissa saila

i forgot the digital camera. and my phone was in LOW BATT!
pics taken from phone :

from my view


atilia, liza hanim, sean ghazi, siti nurhaliza & melissa saila

sean ghazi & siti nurhaliza

siti nurhaliza

me + melissa saila

fafa's phone :

from our view


sean ghazi

melissa saila

p/s: nver thot siti nurhaliza is that cute. haha. BRAVO PRTM !

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